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PublishAmerica, 2004 - Fiction - 90 pages
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In the highlands of a tropical rainforest, on the nights of the full moon, the all-male Torrami tribe meets with the all-female Filima tribe to rid their tribes of sexual perversion through violent rituals and to allow for tribal procreation. The Krista contains the strict unwritten laws of the Torrami tribe that forbid sexual relationships with the Filima outside the nights of the full moon and guide the nature of sexual relations between the Torrami tribesmen. The elders of the Torrami council govern to uphold the strict laws of the Krista as well as the age-old customs and traditions of the tribe. Bogili is an intelligent, analytical youth with external beauty and an uncompromising inner strength. When various events and incidents increase Bogilias uncertainty about the Krista, governance, customs, and traditions of the tribe, he takes action a the Torrami tribe is changed forever.

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