Lectures on Chemistry and Explosives: Delivered to the Summer Class of Officers of 1888, at the Torpedo Station

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Torpedo Station Print, 1888 - Chemistry - 352 pages
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Page 17 - If guncotton in closed vessels is left for protracted periods exposed to strong daylight and sunlight in a moist or damp condition it is affected to a somewhat greater extent; but even under these circumstances the change produced in the guncotton by several months' exposure is of a very trifling nature.
Page 17 - ... 6. The influence exercised upon the stability of guncotton of average quality, as obtained by strict adherence to von Lenk's system of manufacture, by prolonged exposure to temperatures considerably exceeding...
Page 14 - High pressure steam was introduced through this tube, raising the temperature to the boiling point, while the water produced by condensation, added to that originally used to moisten the materials, reduced them to a semi-liquid slush, which was run out of the cylinders after about eight minutes
Page 14 - ... incorporation in the mills had previously been necessary to produce powder of the same first-class character. The capacity for work of the mills was thus practically quadrupled, the thorough saturation of the charcoal with...
Page 12 - ... substance in a state of high chemical tension, will, by their tendency to develop those vibrations, either determine the explosion of that substance, or at any rate greatly aid the disturbing effect of mechanical force suddenly applied ; while, in the instance of another explosion, which...
Page 6 - ... that may be near it. The explosion is attended with a faint flash of violet light, nitrogen being set free as gas, and iodine in the form of very fine powder.
Page 16 - Gun-cotton produced from properly purified cotton, according to the directions given by Von Lenk, may be exposed to diffused daylight either in open air or in closed vessels for very long periods without undergoing any change.
Page 20 - ... wet gun-cotton, which has been preserved for three years, has not exhibited the faintest acidity. If as much water as possible be expelled from wet gun-cotton by the centrifugal extractor, it is obtained in a condition in which, though only damp to the touch, it is perfectly non-explosive ; the water thus left in the material is sufficient to act as a perfect protection, and consequently also to guard against all risk of accident.
Page 19 - ... the surface of the ground, or better still, held by the pressure of a mass of deep water, in the midst of which the first detonation is produced, the propagation of the movement in this...
Page 5 - ... gunpowder the grains of charcoal and nitre, although very small, have a sensible magnitude, and consist each of many thousand if not of many million molecules. The chemical union of the oxygen of the nitre with the carbon-atoms of the charcoal can take place only on the surface of charcoal-grains ; the first layer of molecules must be consumed before the second can be reached, and so on. Hence the process, although very rapid, must take a sensible time. In the nitroglycerine, on the other hand,...

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