The History of University Education in Maryland

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1891 - Education - 87 pages
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Page 89 - B'REDERICQ. 25 cents. XI. Seminary Libraries and University Extension. By HB ADAMS. 25 cents. XII. European Schools of History and Politics. By AD WHITE. 25 cents. SIXTH SERIES.— The History of Co-operation in the United States.— $3.50.
Page 89 - The Establishment of Municipal Government in San Francisco. By BERNARD MOSES. 50 cents. IV. The City Government of New Orleans.
Page 4 - HOSMER. 35 cents. V-VI. Taxation in the United States. By HENRY CARTER ADAMS. 50 cents. VII. Institutional Beginnings in a Western State. By JESSE MACY.
Page 89 - BUGREE. 25 cents. IV. City Government of St. Louis. By MARSHALL S. SNOW. 25 cents. V-VI. Local Government in Canada, By JOHN GEORGE BOURINOT. 50 cents. VII. Effect of the War of 1812 upon the American Union.
Page 16 - 4 " to constitute, appoint, and annex to itself the other three colleges or faculties, viz : the faculty Ťof divinity, the faculty of law, and the faculty of the arts and sciences; and that the four faculties or colleges thus united shall be and they are hereby constituted an university, by the name and under the title of the University of Maryland.
Page 70 - IV in progress. $5 per volume. V. Studies in Historical and Political Science. HB ADAMS, Editor. Monthly. 8vo. Volume V in progress. $3 per volume. VI. Johns Hopkins University Circulars. Containing reports of scientific and literary work in progress in Baltimore. 4to.
Page 4 - Saxon Tithingmen in America. By HB ADAMS. 50 cents. V. Local Government in Michigan and the Northwest. By EW BEMIS.
Page 89 - CHANNING. 50 cents. IV. Pennsylvania Boroughs. By WILLIAM P. HOLCOMB. 50 cents. V. Introduction to the Constitutional and Political History of the individual States. By JF JAMESON.
Page 55 - What are we aiming at? An enduring foundation; a slow development; first local, then regional, then national influence; the most liberal promotion of all useful knowledge; the special provision of such departments as are elsewhere neglected in the country; a generous affiliation with all other institutions, avoiding interferences, and engaging in no rivalry; the encouragement of research; the promotion of young men; and the advancement of individual scholars, who by their excellence will advance...
Page 4 - VIII. Norman Constables in America. By HB ADAMS. 50 cents. IX-X. Village Communities of Cape Ann and Salem. By HB ADAMS. 50 cents. XI. The Genesis of a New England State. By A. JOHNSTON. 30 cents.

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