Children of the Wigwam

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Educational Publishing Company, 1903 - Children's stories, American - 143 pages

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Page 106 - HEAR my voice, Birds of War! I prepare a feast for you to feed on; I see you cross the enemy's lines; Like you I shall go. I wish the swiftness of your wings; I wish the vengeance of your claws; I muster my friends; I follow your flight. Ho, you young men warriors, Bear your angers to the place of fighting!
Page 9 - Fire-fly, fire-fly! bright little thing, Light me to bed, and my song I will sing. Give me your light, as you fly o'er my head, That I may merrily go to my bed. Give me your light o'er the grass as you creep, That I may joyfully go to my sleep. Come, little fire-fly, come, little beast — Come! and I'll make you tomorrow a feast. Come, little candle that flies as I sing, Bright little fairy-bug — night's little king; Come, and I'll dance as you guide me along, Come, and I'll pay you, my bug, with...
Page 75 - I will drink the blood of their very heart; I will change their joy into sorrow's smart; Their braves, their sires will I defy, And a nation's vengeance satisfy.
Page 27 - You are very pretty," replied the lynx, " and a very obedient child to your parents; but you must know that I am a relative of yours ; I wish to send some word to your lodge ; come down and see me.
Page 19 - Swinging, swinging, lul la by, Sleep, little daughter sleep, 'Tis your mother watching by, Swinging, swinging she will keep, Little daughter lul la by. 'Tis your mother loves you dearest, Sleep, sleep, daughter sleep, Swinging, swinging, ever nearest, Baby, baby, do not weep; Little daughter, lul la by. Swinging, swinging, lul la by, Sleep, sleep, little one, And thy mother will be nigh — Swing, swing, not alone — Little daughter, lul...
Page 136 - And here, on my breast, have I bled; See — see ! my battle scars ! Ye mountains tremble at my yell ! I strike for life.
Page 44 - ... attired, young and brave, fantastically painted— and women, decorated with feathers, assemble around their commanders, who are generally men swift on the race. They are to take the ball either by running with it or throwing it in the air. As the ball falls in the crowd the excitement begins. The clubs swing and roll from side to side, the players run and shout, fall upon and tread upon each other, and in the struggle some get rather rough treatment. When the ball is thrown some distance on...
Page 12 - ... appeared to walk directly through them. They were, in fact, but the souls or shadows of material trees. He became sensible that he was in a land of shadows. When he had travelled half a day's journey, through a country which was continually becoming more attractive, he came to the banks of a broad lake, in the centre of which was a large and beautiful island. He found a canoe of shining white stone, tied to the shore. He was now sure that he had come the right path, for the aged man had told...
Page 77 - They are in their homes, now happy and free; No frowning cloud o'er their camp they see; Yet the youngest of mine shall see the tall Braves, scattered, wandering, and fall. The warrior is represented by the figure of a man with a bow about him, and arrows in his hand; with the plume of the eagle waving over his head, indicative of his acquaintance with war life.
Page 9 - Flittmg-white-fire-insect ! waving-white-fire-bug ! give me light before I go to bed ! give me light before I go to sleep. Come, little dancing •white-fire-bug ! Come little flitting-white-fire-beast ! Light me with your bright white-flame-instrument — your little candle f.

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