Waverley, Or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since, Volumen 2

John C. Nimmo, 1892
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Página 333 - hand ; and at the same time several others coming about him while he was thus dreadfully entangled with that cruel weapon, he was dragged off from his horse. The moment he fell, another Highlander, who, if the king's evidence at Carlisle may be credited (as I know not why they should not, though the unhappy creature died
Página 303 - three ermines passant and the bear and boot-jack ?" " How, oh, how, my dear Fergus, can you talk of such things at such a moment ?" " Why, we have entered Carlisle with happier auspices, to be sure, — on the 16th of November last, for example, when we marched in, side by side, and hoisted the white
Página 186 - forte. He would never have been his celebrated ancestor Sir Nigel, but only Sir Nigel's eulogist and poet. I will tell you where he will be at home, my dear, and in his place, — in the quiet circle of domestic happiness, lettered indolence, and elegant enjoyments of Waverley Honour. And he will refit the old library in the most exquisite
Página 186 - all men (that is, who deserve the name) are pretty much alike; there is generally more courage required to run away. They have besides, when confronted with each other, a certain instinct for strife, as we see in other male animals, such as dogs, bulls, and so forth. But high and perilous enterprise is not
Página 306 - him that all was finished, and that the military and populace were returning from the dreadful scene. I will not attempt to describe his sensations. In the evening the priest made him a visit, and informed him that he did so by directions of his deceased friend, to assure him that Fergus MacIvor had died as he
Página 333 - But after a faint fire, the regiment in general was seized with a panic ; and though their colonel and some other gallant officers did what they could to rally them once or twice, they at
Página 298 - be present, will intrude its horrors on my mind, will whisper that my brother, as volatile as ardent, would have divided his energies amid a hundred objects. It was I who taught him to concentrate them and to gage all on this dreadful and desperate cast . Oh that I could recollect that I
Página 335 - 167. — ANDREA DE FERRARA. The name of Andrea de Ferrara is inscribed on all the Scottish broadswords which are accounted of peculiar excellence. Who this artist was, what were his fortunes, and when he flourished, have hitherto defied the research of antiquaries; only it is in general believed that Andrea de Ferrara was
Página 233 - and fought sword in hand on foot, at the head of the single tribe of Macphersous. They in a moment made their way through a strong hedge of thorns, under the cover whereof the cavalrie had taken their station, in the strugle of passing which hedge my Lord George Murray, being dressd en
Página 153 - by the learned. But I must go to headquarters to prepare the prince for this extraordinary scene. My information will be well taken, for it will give him a hearty laugh at present, and put him on his guard against laughing when it might be very malapropos. So au revoir, my dear Waverley.

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