Don't: a manual of mistakes and improprieties more or less prevalent in conduct and speech. By Censor. In parchment cover

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Ward, Lock, 1884 - 72 pages
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Page 98 - Reasonable Apprehensions and Reassuring HINTS : Papers designed to attract attention to the Nature of Modern Unbelief, and to meet some of its fundamental assumptions. By the REV. HENRY FOOTMAN, MA LONDON: Field & Tuer, The Leudenhall Press.
Page 101 - London Cries : with Six Charming Children printed direct from stippled plates in the Bartolozzi style, and duplicated in red and brown, and about forty other illustrations, including ten of Rowlandson's humorous subjects in facsimile, and tinted ; examples by George Cruikshank, Joseph Crawhall, &c., 6•c. The text by ANDREW W. TUER, Author of " Bartolozzi and his Works,
Page 103 - With Bad Paper, one's Best is impossible." The Author's Paper Pad (issued by the Proprietors of The Leadenhall Press.) Contains, in block form, fifty sheets of paper, fibrous and difficult to tear as a piece of linen, over which — being of unusual but not painful smoothness — the pen slips with perfect freedom. Easily detachable, the size of the sheets is about...
Page 103 - AUTHOR'S HAIRLESS PAPER-PAD may be comfortably used, whether at the desk, held in the hand, or resting on the knee. As being most convenient for both author and compositor the paper is ruled the narrow way, and of course on one side only.
Page 104 - ... with strong bookbinder's brush, One Shilling. If your stationer hasn't it, trial bottle sent direct from Factory by Parcels Post securely packed for fifteen stamps. Much cheaper and cleaner than gum. No more messy fingers or messed edges to books. Keeps good and sweet always Gr '•'•sticks-fast.
Page 101 - Without a rival as a birthday or wedding present." When is your Birthday ? or a Year of Good Wishes. Set of Twelve Designs by EDWIN J. ELLIS, with Sonnets by the Artist. LONDON : Field 6- Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, EC [Twenty-one Shillings.
Page 100 - An Essay of Scarabs -. By WJ Loftie, BA, FSA (Author of " A History of London ") together with a Catalogue of Ancient Egyptian Amulets of various kinds, bearing the names of Kings. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, EC [Twenty-one Shillings.
Page 100 - Olde ffrendes wyth newe Faces: Adorn'd with suitable Sculptures. By Joseph Crawhall. The many hundreds of cuts being all hand-coloured, the issue is necessarily limited. Table of the Matter herein contained : I. The louing Ballad of Lord Bateman. II. A true relation of the Apparition of Mrs. Veal. III. The Long Pack : A Northumbrian Tale. IV. The Sword Dancers. V. John Cunningham, the Pastoral Poet. VI. Ducks and Green Peas, or the Newcastle Rider : a Tale in Rhyme.
Page 99 - The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh. By WM FLINDERS PETRIE. Containing an account of excavations and surveys carried on at Gizeh during 1880-1-2; with the application of the results to various modern theories of the pyramids. (Illustrated.) LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, EC _ [Six Shillings.
Page 100 - The many hundreds of cuts being all hand-coloured, the issue is necessarily limited. Contents of the Volume : I.— The Barkshire Lady's Garland. II.— The Babes in the Wood. III. — I know what I know. IV.— Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth. V. — The Taming of a Shrew. VI. — Blew-cap for me. VII. — John and Joan. VIII.— George Barnwell.

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