Gardeners' Chronicle, Horticultural Trade Journal, Part 1

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Haymarket Publishing, 1908 - Gardening
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Page 56 - generation, tails and dwarfs in the proportion of three of the former to one of the latter. Further experiments showed that the dwarf always bred true, and that some of the tails did the same, but that an average of half the whole offspring, consisting of individuals which were indistinguishable from pure tails, were really hybrid in character, inasmuch
Page 30 - by the Railway Fires Act, 1905, which came into force on January 1, 1903. and which in effect provides that where damage is caused to agricultural land or to agricultural crops by fire arising from sparks or cinders emitted from any locomotive engine used on a Railway the
Page 5 - and, secondly, the tenant is not to be entitled to compensation in respect of any such improvements if executed contrary to an express prohibition in writing by the Council ; if, however, the tenant feels aggrieved by any such prohibition he may appeal to the Board of Agriculture, who may confirm,
Page 30 - plantations, woods and orchards, and also includes any fences on such land, but it does not include any moorland or buildings. The words "agricultural crops" include any crops on agricultural land, whether they are actually growing at the time of the fire, or whether
Page 30 - that this Act is expressly stated to apply to agricultural land or crops. "Agricultural land" for this purpose includes arable and meadow land and ground used for pastoral purposes or for market or nursery gardens, and
Page 90 - At the request of the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor and the Corporation of the City of London, the Council, on August 20, appointed a small committee, consisting of Mr. FJ Chittenden, Mr. Harry J. Veitch,
Page 5 - payment of a lump sum in the future if desired). The rest of the purchase money can be secured by a charge on the holding in favour of the Council, and this balance can either be
Page 4 - The County Council may, however, submit a draft scheme without waiting to be approached by the Commissioners, and in this event the draft scheme may specify : (a) the localities in which land is to be acquired for small holdings ; (b) the approximate quantity of. land to be acquired, together
Page 203 - Veitch's variety, &c. J. GURNEY FOWLER, Esq., Glebelands, South Woodford (gr. Mr J. Davis), showed Odontoglossum Judith (sceptrum X loochristiense), yellow-blotched with brown, and with the fringed; lip of O. sceptrum ; Cymbidium J. Gurney Fowler, with white flowers, having a purple mark on/ the lip; and Odontoglossum percultum "JR Roberts." (See Awards.) DE B. CRAWSHAY,
Page 159 - rule is enforced, and the revision of the decision on the part of the Board cannot fail to meet with general approval. In answer to a question asked in the House of Commons on March 5 by Mr.

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