A History of American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860...: Comprising Annals of the Industry of the United States in Machinery, Manufactures and Useful Arts, with a Notice of the Important Inventions, Tariffs, and the Results of Each Decennial Census, Volume 3

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E. Young, 1868 - Industries
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Page 620 - a guarantee that his memory will be revered. Early in life he adopted, among others, the following maxims for the better government of himself—1st. Keep good company, or none. 2d. Never be idle; if your hands cannot be usefully employed, attend to the cultivation of your mind. 3d.
Page 620 - the very sinews of virtue. 5th. Good character is above all things else ; your character cannot be essentially injured except by your own acts. 6th. If any speak evil of you, let your life be so that none will believe them. 7th. Drink no kind of intoxicating drinks.
Page 43 - was again raised, and all went on as before, the boiler sustaining no injury. What would have happened under the same circumstances with an ordinary wrought-iron boiler may be easily inferred." Mr. Harrison's Boilers have been in use since 1859, and many extensive manufacturers in Philadelphia, New
Page 409 - the future, if not for the immediate present. Ill curved parts, prepare the frames for being introduced between hard steel clamps, through which all the holes are drilled, bored, and tapped, for the various screws ; so that, after passing through thirty-three distinct operations, and the little
Page 410 - there are thirty-six separate operations before the cylinder is ready to follow the lock-frame to the inspector. In the same manner the barrel, forged solidly from a bar of cast steel, is bored and completed to caliber, and is then submitted to the
Page 64 - of the ship houses in this yard is two hundred and seventy feet long, one hundred and three feet high, and eighty-four feet wide, and is said to be the largest of its kind in the United States. The Sectional Floating Dry Dock, constructed by the Government, cost over eight hundred thousand dollars, and by means of it, two or even four vessels can be docked at the
Page 433 - astonish a great many to know how rapidly they can be made. I will venture to say that I can pick out three men who will take the brass in the sheet. press out and level under the drop, then cut the teeth and make all of the wheels to five thousand Clocks, in one day. There
Page 413 - and three of his colonels, with a slight loss. In the same year, on our western frontier, Colonel Wright's command, armed principally with Breech Loading Carbines, utterly routed, without the loss of a man, a large band of Indians who had previously defeated Colonel Steptoe's forces, who were to the
Page 122 - REMARKABLE MANUFACTURING ESTABLISHMENTS IN NEW YORK AND BROOKLYN. The Marine Engine Works. IT has been well remarked, that as the city of New York is sustained almost entirely by its commerce, and as this commerce is becoming every year more and more dependent for its prosperity and progress
Page 58 - of this house, Mr. William H. Horstmann, was educated in the workshops of Europe, under the old system which demanded the production of a masterpiece of workmanship before an apprentice could receive a license to practice his trade as a master workman. He was a native of Germany, but came to this country in early manhood,