Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist

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M.F. Mansfield, 1901 - American loyalists - 224 pages

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Page 1 - ... HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY Preservation facsimile printed on alkaline/buffered paper and bound by Acme Bookbinding Charlestown, Massachusetts 2003 $arbarti College library FROM THE BRIGHT LEGACY.
Page 4 - Legacy, which was received in 1880 under the will of JONATHAN BROWN BRIGHT of Waltbam, Massachusetts, is to be expended for books for the College Library. The other half of the income is...
Page 18 - M-Intosh, which is yet (1852) stand, ing on South Broad Street, between Drayton and Abercorn Streets. The session was short, but marked by decision and energy. On the first Monday in January following, the constitutional session commenced at the same place. Every branch of the new government was speedily organized, and the free and independent State of Georgia began its career.
Page 4 - University for the benefit of descendant* of HENRY BRIGHT, JR., who died at Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1686. In the absence of such descendants, other persons are eligible to the scholarships. The will requires that this announcement shall be made in every book added to the Library under its provision*.
Page 45 - I was left in, and petitioned that my 46 father's property might be given to me. This request I have every reason to think was acceded to, as our property was not sold as was that of many other Loyalists. One or two cases besides mine show that they did give the property to wives and children whose husbands and fathers had been forced away as mine had been.
Page 49 - ... We may see in almost every event that befalls us the hand of our merciful Heavenly Father directing the various events of our lives for our good. Perhaps had my beloved and tender mother lived she might not have kept as strict a hand over me as my volatile nature required. My aunt was kind, but was at the same time decided in her conduct toward me, and I was made industrious at my needle...
Page 82 - ... That want of firmness had been a marked feature of the child's character from very early infancy, and it proved ruinous to him in his subsequent life. In his early education many traits of character and little faults were kept by his too fond widowed aunt and her maiden sisters from his worthy old Grandfather Johnston's knowledge, which had he known he might have nipped in the bud. One day, when a little fellow, Andrew was with some companions near a stall in the High Street, filled with sugar...
Page 17 - Southern States, it was supposed that it might be easier to overrun them. At the close of the year 1778 the British captured Savannah, and Georgia was soon subjugated. In the next year an attempt was made by the Americans, assisted by the French fleet, to capture Savannah, but it failed. In this attack Count Pulaski lost his life. After a regular siege, a British fleet and army took Charleston in May, 1780. General Gates, who had commanded the Northern department when Burgoyne surrendered, was put...
Page 96 - Perhaps I was too anxious to counteract the faults that had been fostered so long, and may have tried to check them too suddenly.
Page 115 - ... at night. Until John was past three years of age, however, he lived with me, and from an oldfashioned prayer-book with large print I taught him his letters and to spell little words. I think he will now be glad to find that I wish him to accept the sacred book, and leave it for him to remember his old grandmother and dear aged great-grandfather by, who so greatly doted on him. The book may be valued, too, for its antiquity, it having been printed in Queen Anne's reign. If he has children he may...

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