Everyman: A Moral Play

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Fox, Duffield, 1903 - 43 pages

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Page ix - To make my reckoning and my debts pay, For I see my time is nigh spent away. Take example, all ye that this do hear or see, How they that I loved best do forsake me Except my Good Deeds, that bideth truly.
Page 19 - To give a straight account general Before the highest Jupiter of all; And all my life I have had joy and pleasure in thee. Therefore I pray thee go with me, For, peradventure, thou...
Page 9 - EVERYMAN. Alas, I may well weep with sighs deep; Now have I no manner of company To help me in my journey, and me to keep; And also my writing is full unready. How shall I do now for to excuse me? I would to God I had never be gete! 5 To my soul a full great profit it had be; For now I fear pains huge and great.
Page 21 - Good is a thief, For when thou art dead, this is my guise, Another to deceive in the same wise, As I have do thee, and all to his soul's reprefe. IBbergman O false Good, cursed may thou be, Thou traitor to God, thou hast deceived me, And caught me in thy snare.
Page 8 - Death Nay, thereto I will not consent, Nor no man will I respite, But to the heart suddenly I shall smite Without any advisement.
Page 4 - Lord, I will in the world go run over all, And cruelly outsearch both great and small ; Every man will I beset that liveth beastly Out of God's laws, and dreadeth not folly: He that loveth riches I will strike with my dart, His sight to blind, and from heaven to depart, Except that alms be his good friend, In hell for to dwell, world without end.
Page 25 - Knowledge Everyman, I will go with thee, and be thy guide, In thy most need to go by thy side. Everyman In good condition I am now in every thing, And am wholly content with this good thing, Thanked be God my Creature.
Page 37 - EVERYMAN. Alas, I am so faint I may not stand. My limbs under me do fold; Friends, let us not turn again to this land., Not for all the world's gold. For into this cave must I creep And turn to the earth and there to sleep. BEAUTY. What, into this grave?
Page 35 - Saviour do buy or sell, Or they for any money do take or tell, Sinful priests giveth the sinners example bad, Their children sitteth by other men's fires, I have heard, And some haunteth women's company, With unclean life, as lusts of lechery ; These be with sin made blind.
Page 5 - And look thou be sure of thy reckoning: For before God thou shalt answer, and show Thy many bad deeds and good but a few; How thou hast spent thy life, and in what wise, Before the chief lord of paradise.

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