Lonely Planet, 2008 - 788 sivua
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Get distracted by Acropolis views watching a starlit film at one of Athens'open-air cinemas. Melt into a hot tub and chat to the locals amid the thickly Rhodopi Mountains. Rope up and scale the monastery-topped sandstone of Meteora . Discover your very own secret cove on Samos' little-visited eastern coast. Six expert authors, over 3000 hours of on-the-ground research, 169 maps,147 gyros devoured. New full-colour sections cover the country's top experiences, off-the-beaten-track delights, and architectural highlights. Content updated daily: visit for up-to the-minute reviews.

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Review: Greece (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

Käyttäjän arvio  - Andy - Goodreads

I found this book incredibly helpful while planning my trip to Greece. The book breaks the country up into smaller areas and then in those areas they are broken up into most of the cities and what ... Lue koko arvostelu

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