Mysteries of the vital element in connexion with dreams, somnambulism, trance

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Page 36 - TIRED Nature's sweet restorer, balmy Sleep ! He, like the world, his ready visit pays Where Fortune smiles ; the wretched he forsakes ; Swift on his downy pinion flies from woe, And lights on lids unsullied with a tear.
Page 144 - O, wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as others see us!
Page 96 - ... up the instant that his own lungs, and those of the persons who raise him, are inflated with air. This experiment was, I believe, first shown in England a few years ago by Major H., who saw it performed in a large party at Venice under the direction of an officer of the American navy. As Major II.
Page 137 - ... the right whereof he claims as author (or proprietor as the case may be;) in conformity with an act of Congress, entitled 'An act to amend the several acts respecting copyrights.
Page 96 - The heaviest person in the party lies down upon two chairs, his legs being supported by the one and his back by the other. Four persons, one at each leg, and one at each shoulder, then try to raise him, and they find his dead weight to be very great, from the difficulty they experience in supporting him. When he is replaced in the chair, each of the four persons...
Page 62 - She has been known to conjugate correctly Latin verbs which she had probably heard in the school-room of the family ; and she was once heard to speak several sentences very correctly in French, — at the same time stating that she heard them from a foreign gentleman whom she had met accidentally in a shop.
Page 21 - Dr. Morton, — Dear Sir, Your letter, dated yesterday, is just received ; and I hasten to answer it, for fear you will adopt a method in disposing of your rights which will defeat your object. Before you make any arrangements whatever, I wish to see you. I think I will be in Boston the first of next week, probably Monday night. If the operation of administering the gas is not attended with too much trouble...
Page 134 - As nitrous oxide in its extensive operation appears capable of destroying physical pain, it may probably be used with advantage during surgical operations in which no great effusion of blood takes place.
Page 124 - I was led to believe that surgical operations might be performed without pain, by the fact that an individual, when much excited from ordinary causes, may receive severe wounds, without manifesting the least pain ; as, for instance, the man who is engaged in combat, may have a limb severed from his body, after which he testifies that it was attended with no pain at the time ; and so the man who is intoxicated with spirituous liquor may be...
Page 96 - When he is replaced in the chair, each of the four persons takes hold of the body as before, and the person to be lifted gives two signals by clapping his hands. At the first signal he himself and the four lifters begin to draw a long and full breath, and when the inhalation is completed, or the lungs filled, the second signal is given for raising the person from the chair. To his own surprise and that of his bearers, he rises with the greatest facility, as if he were no heavier than a feather.

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