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Roberts Brothers, 1891 - American fiction - 131 pages

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Page 7 - To toil in tasks, however mean, For all we know of right and true — In this alone our worth is seen ; 'Tis this we were ordained to do.
Page 32 - Let no faint-heartedness of soul Damp thy aspiring song; Right comes, truth dawns, the night departs Of error and of wrong ! B OUR MINGLED LIFE. PART I. ITS of gladness and of sorrow, Strangely crossed and interlaid; Bits of cloud-belt and of rainbow, In deep alternate braid; Bits of storm, when winds are warring, Bits of calm, when blasts are stayed; Bits of silence and of uproar, Bits of sunlight and of shade...
Page 116 - ... works not as man works, nor sees As man sees : though we mark Ofttimes the moving of His hands Beneath the eternal Dark. But yet we know that all is well : That He, who loved all these, Loves children laughing on the moor, Birds singing in the trees ; That He, who made both life and death, He knoweth which is best : We live to Him, we die to Him, And leave Him all the rest. DM MULOCK. ON " INTERVENTION,
Page 56 - And more she said of the same sort ; and he listened silently, still knocking at his boot with his stick, and with that half-smile on his face which even in the midst of her anger reminded her of nights when he had coaxed Baby to take her medicine, or. Annie to swallow a drop of milk, with a patience that had not been worn out by their fretful perverseness. And then he turned without...
Page 63 - Annie had got it all pat, having listened with wide blue eyes and open mouth and simple, believing mind, while the sergeant uttered his usual clap-trap remarks to the assembled hobbledehoys ; and she accepted it just as she did the vicar's teachings when he catechised the children on Sunday afternoons.
Page 94 - Pris with that look of understanding. She was sitting at the end of the garden on the low wall that divides it from the meadow ; and Jock had got up by her side on the wall, and had given a gentle little rub against her arm to attract her attention to a sympathizing friend. She had not often time to notice Jock; but she had washed up the dinner things and sent off the children to school...

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