Hooper's Western fruit book: a compendious collection of facts, from the notes and experience of successful fruit culturists, arranged for practical use in the orchard and garden ...

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Moore, Wilstach, Keys & co., 1857 - Fruit-culture - 333 pages
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Page 54 - Trans. Ohio Pom. Society. Late Strawberry. EEMARKS. — " Highly esteemed in New York, where best known." — Trans. Ohio Pom. Society. Leadington, Monstrous, or Green Codlin,, EEMARKS.— Yery large. Good for cooking. LEMON PIPPIN, Kirke's. Color, yellowish green ; form, oval ; size, 2 ; use, kitchen ; quality, 2 ; season, September. EEMARKS. — Nearly closed at the stalk, and calyx like a lemon. A popular English apple. LIBERTY. EEMARKS. — Seedling of Delaware county, Ohio. " Good late Winter."...
Page 265 - MOTTLED BIGAEEEAU. See Bigarreau Mottled. NAPOLEON BIGAEEEAU. Color, pale yellow, becoming amber in the shade, richly dotted, and spotted with very deep red, and with a fine marbled, dark crimson cheek ; form, roundish, obtuse, heart-shaped, with a suture line frequently raised, instead of being depressed ; size, 1 ; use, table and kitchen ; quality, 1 ; flesh, very firm, moderately juicy ; season, June. EEMARKS. — Tree, vigorous, productive. Showy for market. Good for cooking. " Excellently well...
Page 187 - The pear tree is liable to be much injured, if pruned by those who do not understand' the nature of it. The blossoms are commonly produced from buds at the extremity of the last year's shoots; and, as these are often cut off by the...
Page 31 - Trans. Ohio Pom. Society. EAELY STEAWBEEEY, or Eed Juneating. Color, yellowish white, striped and stained over with bright and dark red ; form, roundish, varying to conical and angular ; size, 3 ; use, table ; quality, 1 ; season, July. all soils and generally esteemed. Exhibited by many members of Cincinnati Horticultural Society. " A great favorite,
Page 55 - Queen, or Lowre Queen. Color, yellow, striped and splashed with dull red, rough, irregular dots, or specks of dull russet, russet at stem ; form, roundish flattened, often angular; size, 2 to 1 ; use, table; quality, 2; season, October to January. EEMARKS. — Somewhat resembles the Vandevere. Of Morrow county, Ohio. -"Large, Winter. Little known.
Page 199 - Le Cure, Clion, etc. Color, skin fair and smooth, pale yellow, sometimes, with a brownish cheek, and marked with small brown dots ; form, long, pyriform, often six inches, and a little onesided ; size, 1 ; use, table, but chiefly cooking ; texture, very juicy generally, but it varies ; sometimes it is buttery, often crisp, with a good sprightly flavor; quality, 1 ; season, October to January. upon the way and time it is ripened. It certainly is the very best kind of baking pear; and, sometimes, we...
Page 336 - It deals more with facts, actual experience, and observation, and less with speculation, supposition, and belief, than anything on this topic that has yet appeared in the United States. In other words, a man may take it and plant a vineyard and raise grapes with success; he may even make good wine, but no book can wholly teach this latter art,
Page 109 - Sub-acid and agreeable. Largely cultivated in some parts of the South, where it is esteemed for its productiveness and good keeping qualities." — Barry. [The Ohio Pomological Society makes Gilpin and Eomanite synonymes. Elliott's synonymes are Carthouse and Eomanite of the West. Barry's, Gilpin, and Eed Eomanite.] The Ohio Pomological Society calls the Gilpin " small, good keeper, second-rate." 12. "A pleasant Winter apple." — Bateham. "Flesh, white, tender, juicy, very good." — Elliott. "...
Page 336 - ... conception, fairly assert his claim to a station in the foremost rank of rural improvers. — NY Horticulturist. It abounds in useful and tasteful suggestions, and in practical instructions. — Northern Farmer. It is a very timely and valuable book. .... Better adapted to the wants and circumstances of our people than any other upon the subject.— Ohio Cultivator. No one can long walk hand in hand with Mr. Kern without being sensible that he is in the hands of one who is worthy of all confidence.
Page 336 - It is plain in its details, and will be more valuable to the million thau any work on the subject of Landscape- Gardening yet published. The mechanical execution of the volume is the very perfection of printing and binding. — Ohio Farmer. Admirably calculated to meet the wants of the public.— Boston Atlas.

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