Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative: With Some of Modern Date

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R. H. Evans, 1810 - Ballads, English
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Page 283 - To-morrow will be dying. The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun, The higher he is getting, The sooner will his race be run, And nearer he's to setting. That age is best that is the first,
Page 282 - will lend wings to follow, And will find out the way. There is no striving To cross his intent, There is no contriving His plots to prevent; But if once the message greet him, That his true love doth stay, If death should come and meet him, Love will find out the way.
Page 118 - the precious stone, Ye need none other books To read, or look upon. In each of her two eyes There smiles a naked boy, It would you all suffice To see those lamps of joy. If all the world were sought full far, ..,. Who could find such a wight! Her beauty twinkleth like a star, Within the frosty night.
Page 278 - steepest Love will find out the way. Where there is no place: For the glow-worm to lie, Where there is no place .*• For the receipt of a fly, Where the gnat she dares not venture,
Page 121 - As doth the flower the weed, And more, a thousand ways. This praise I shall her give When death doth what he can, Her honest name shall live Within the mouth of man. This worthy lady to bewray, A king's daughter was she, Of whom John Heywood list to say In such worthy degree. And Mary was
Page 279 - his force, Or you may deem him - * A coward, which is worse, But if he whom Love doth honour, Be concealed from the day, Set a thousand guards upon him, Love will find out the way. Some think to lose him, Which is too unkind, And some do suppose him, Poor heart,
Page 278 - OVER the mountains, And under the waves, Over the fountains And under the graves, Under floods which are deepest, Which do Neptune obey, Over rocks which are the steepest Love will find out the way. Where there is no place: For the glow-worm to lie, Where there is no
Page 360 - She may laugh at my cares, and so false she may be, To say all the kind things she before said to me; O then, 'tis O then, that I think there's no hell Like loving too well. But when I consider the truth of her heart, Such an innocent passion, so kind without art,
Page 357 - nature out: Then did she sing as one that thought No man could her reprove, The falling out of faithful friends Renewing is of love. She said she saw no fish ne fowl, Nor beast within her haunt, That met a stranger in their kind, But could give it a taunt; Since flesh might not
Page 259 - cap was new. Good hospitality Was cherish'd then of many : Now poor men starve and die, And are not help'd by any; For charity waxeth cold, And love is found in few: This was not in time of old, : When this old cap was new. . • Where ever you

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