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you may not believe it is now...June the 6th of 2011....i've been doing and thinking Body Reflexology for the pass 13 years, on my own, and the pass 8 years, with the help of Mildred Carters book "Body Reflexology" (Healing ot your fingertips), it's a great book...It's said that this system in minutes can relieve the pain and discomfort of 34 diferent illnesses. Like here what Mrs. Carter said "Here, in short, is the best, most effective and easy-to-use way to start living the kind of healthy, happy life you deserve, Simply follow these tested techniques and complete step-by-step instructions, Mildred Carter says, and you too can enjoy complete freedom from pain and illness faster than you ever thought possile! She also talks about through this indispensable guide, she shows you exactly what reflex "button" you should massage to open up these lines, and help speed up your body's own natural healing agents.
Without expensive equipment or special training, you can enjoy innediate relief from 34 common illnesses,..Fully explained with dozens of step-by-step, illustrative pictures and diagrams, her methods can, she claims, "and now i can claim" rid your body of:
Headaches.;Toothaches.;Constipation.;Earaches.;Sore Throats.;Stomach Problems.;Shortness of Breath.;Arthritis.;Backaches.;Flu Symptoms.;Hemorrhoids.;Heart Pains.;Hiccups.;Sciatica.;Childbirth Pains.;Kidney Problems.; .....and much, much more Thousands of documented cases prove it works!...
Reflexology is truly the healing miracle of the new age we are entering. Hopefully, reflexology will be taught someday in all the schools all over the world, when love and sompassion outweigh the greed of nations. Then health will be returned to the land. These are just some of the wanders of what Reflexology can do for us...maybe this here will change think...Love you all, and be kind to your body...God Loves you....

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