Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 16

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Indiana University, Department of History, 1920 - Indiana

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Page 161 - ... of our beaver. At length a trader came to town with French brandy; we purchased a keg of it, and held a council about who was to get drunk and who was to keep sober. I was invited to get drunk, but I refused the proposal ; then they told me that I must be one of those who were to take care of the drunken people.
Page 161 - I must be one of those who were to take care of the drunken people. I did not like this, but of two evils I chose that which I thought was the least and fell in with those who were to conceal the arms and keep every dangerous weapon we could out of their way and endeavor, if possible, to keep the drinking club from killing each other, which was a very hard task.
Page 47 - O'Brien — Brigadier-General Lane being in the immediate command. In order to bring his men within effective range, General Lane ordered the artillery and second Indiana regiment forward. The artillery advanced within musket range of a heavy body of Mexican infantry, and was served against it with great effect, but without being able to check its advance.
Page 134 - That no certificate shall be granted to any person to teach in the public schools of the...
Page 162 - We could now hear the effects of the brandy in the Ottawa town. They were singing and yelling in the most hideous manner, both night and day ; but their frolic ended worse than ours : five Ottawas were killed and a great many wounded.
Page 145 - ... dollars nor more than one hundred dollars for the first offense and not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars for each subsequent offense.
Page 167 - ... ought never to bring on an attack without considerable advantage, or without what appeared to them the sure prospect of victory, and that with the loss of few men ; and if at any time they should be mistaken in this, and are...
Page 46 - Indiana regiment, which had fallen back as stated, could not be rallied, and took no farther part in the action, except a handful of men, who, under its gallant colonel, Bowles, joined the Mississippi regiment, and did good service, and those fugitives who, at a later period in the day, assisted in defending the train and depot at Buena Vista. This...
Page 158 - Detroit: afterwards we saw them at the Miami village — that glorious gate, which your younger brothers had the happiness to own, and through which all the good words of our chiefs had to pass, from the north to the south, and from the east to the west.
Page 161 - When they were done with this keg, they applied to the traders and procured a kettle full of brandy at a time, which they divided out with a large wooden spoon — and so they went on and never quit while they had a single beaver skin. When the trader had got all our beaver, he moved off to the Ottawa town, about a mile above the Wyandot town.

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