A Display of Heraldry

W. Pickering, 1846 - 415 Seiten
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A Display of Heraldry by William Newton published in 1846. This faithful facsimile of the original publication has over 440 pages and is a profusely illustrated work on the art and science of heraldry. It covers the whole spectrum of the topic from its origins to the Victorian perversions of the art of heraldry. Topics covered also include orders of knighthood and titles and their heraldic privileges.

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Seite 83 - Judah is a lion's whelp; from the prey, my son, thou art gone up. He stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion. Who shall rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.
Seite 397 - I take this method to acquaint you that I can procure copies of several ancient poems, and an interlude, perhaps the oldest dramatic piece extant, wrote by one Rowley, a priest of Bristol, who lived in the reigns of Henry VI. and Edward IV.
Seite 3 - O'er her broad shoulders hangs his horrid shield, Dire, black, tremendous! Round the margin roll'd, A fringe of serpents hissing guards the gold: Here all the terrors of grim War appear, Here rages Force, here tremble Flight and Fear, Here storm'd Contention, and here Fury frown'd, And the dire orb portentous Gorgon crown'd.
Seite 115 - ... swallow or wagtail the lady, so may I term this the knight among birds, being both of noble courage, and also prepared evermore to the battle, having his comb for a helmet, his sharp and...
Seite 4 - With the like treatment : thund'ring vengeance thus The rage of Polynices calls the gods, Presiding o'er his country, to look down, And aid his vows. His well-orb'd shield he holds, New-wrought, and with a double impress charged...
Seite 145 - tell us that the Franks of old had a custom, at the proclamation of their king, to elevate him upon a shield or target, and place in his hand a reed or flag in blossom, instead of a sceptre; and Fleur-de-Lis.
Seite 412 - Gibraltar, between two medals j that on the dexter representing the silver medal presented to Sir A. Campbell by the supreme government of India, for his services at the storming of Seringapatam, in 1799 ; that on the sinister representing the gold medal presented to him for his services in the battle of Talavera.
Seite 160 - Palmers all our faders were, I a Palmer lived here ; And travel'd still, till worn wud age I ended this world's pilgrimage. On the blest Ascension day, In the cheerful month of May, A thousand with four hundred seaven, I took my journey hence to heaven.
Seite 17 - Secure behind the Telamonian shield The skilful archer wide survey'd the field, With every shaft some hostile victim slew, Then close beneath the sevenfold orb withdrew : The conscious infant so, when fear alarms, Retires for safety to the mother's arms.
Seite 330 - Scotch, with which — or the lack of it — he was of course well acquainted). The applicants had to show both a personal and a property qualification besides their money: the Commissioners are to ' proceed with none, except it shall appear unto you upon good proof, that they are men of quality, state of living, and good reputation worthy of the same ; and that they are at the least descended of a Grandfather by the Fathers side that bare Armes, And have also of certain yearly revenue in Lands of...

Über den Autor (1846)

William Newton is a retired doctor who lives in Oxfordshire, England, with his wife. "The Two-Pound Tram" is his first book.

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