The Acharnians: with introd., notes, and a dialectical glossary by W. W. Merry

Front Cover
Clarendon Press, 1887

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Page 39 - —'that cry Which made me look a thousand ways, In bush and tree and
Page 34 - Those who refer all the wars of Louis XIV to an ill-constructed window, and the change in Queen Anne's politics to a dish of tea spilt on Mrs. Masham's gown, will doubtless be satisfied with these explanations : those who see in these small occurrences, if they ever did take place, that which adds the finishing drop to
Page 39 - who gave their votes over and over again, so as to seem far more than three : just as when a cuckoo cries, the whole place seems full of cuckoos.
Page 24 - nothing seems so well adapted to him as a suit borrowed from the tragic wardrobe of Euripides, whose dramas had of late become a very lazar-house, comprehending the lame, the halt, the maimed, the blind, tricked out in every variety of wretchedness.
Page 34 - cup already about to overflow, will give credence to the poet's tale, but without supposing that the deep policy of Pericles needed any such childish reasons to put his
Page 6 - Ay, and we were dreadfully bored in strolling along the Caystrian plain under awnings, lying luxuriously in coaches, fairly done to death.
Page 42 - may have an allusion to Attica, as the home of the olive ; and Aristophanes plays upon this
Page 68 - of the aa which arises out of the combination of the dental with the second a, said
Page 4 - and the jest is not so bad, if we suppose irpiwv to mean the instrument of the
Page 50 - have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat.

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