Multi-Level Issues in Social Systems

Francis J. Yammarino, Fred Dansereau
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 15 .. 2006 - 483 ˹
"Multi-level Issues in Social Systems" contains five major essays with commentaries and rebuttals that cover a range of topics, but in the realm of social systems. In particular, the five critical essays offer extensive literature reviews, new model developments, methodological advancements, and some data for the study of human resources management in organizations, continuous learning in organizations, divorce in the family, industry-university dynamics involving intellectual property, and organizational leadership. While each of the major essays, and associated commentaries and rebuttals, is unique in orientation, they show a common bond in raising and addressing multi-level issues or discussing problems and solutions that involve multiple levels of analysis in various types of social systems. This book discusses the complexity of social issues in personal, academic, and business solutions. It reviews empirical data, provides thorough discussion, and multiple levels of analysis.

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