The Case for Alternative Healthcare: Understanding, Surviving and Thriving in the Midst of Our Collapsing Health Care System

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AuthorHouse, Sep 12, 2007 - Health & Fitness - 380 pages
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ABOUT THIS BOOK This book is written by an insider. A hospital administrator and practitioner who participated firsthand in laying the foundation for today's collapsing heath care system. A practitioner who then went on to make radical changes in the way he practiced his profession and his philosophy of health care delivery. A practitioner who is now hell-bent on making radical changes in this disastrous health care system he helped to create 30 years ago. This book is an insider's look at the sequence of events and decisions that led to the demise of our health care system. This book is designed to educate you to: Guide yourself through the maze of scams, tricks, false information, and out and out lies that abound in the search for these much sought after items: optimal, lasting, affordable, health and vitality. Identify major obstacles and challenges in finding better health care. Make more informed choices. Save yourself a bundle of money. Save your life! Finally, this book is designed to give you the knowledge to navigate your way through, and survive the collapse of this national disaster we call our health care system. This book should be required reading for all medical students. There is not a person or family in America who would not benefit greatly from reading this book. Our current disease and drug-based medical model has met it's match. Finally, a common-sense approach to health, wellness and longevity without listening to infomertials.

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About the author (2007)


Thomas K. Ockler P.T. received his Bachelors of Science diploma in Physical Therapy from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1978. After moving to Ohio that same year to begin practice, he soon became quite disenfranchised with what he witnessed in hospital based health care. After those very conflicted years he resigned his administrative position and set out on his own to begin searching for alternatives to conventional physical therapy, as well as conventional mainstream health care protocols and preventative techniques to prolong our lives, and extend our “thrife” expectancy…how long we will thrive.

His search for a better health care “mousetrap” has taken him all over the world, teaching in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and throughout the United States of America. In his 29 year journey of clinical practice and discovery, Tom has brought forth common sense approaches to reversing our personal health death spirals, while teaching them in understandable and often humorous ways. His teaching methods and writing style has prompted some of his students and patients to give him the nick-name of “The Patch Adams” of Physical Therapy. He remains, to this day, a highly sought after international presenter and continues to teach seminars utilizing his techniques to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, as well as the emotional / energetic factors which accompany them.

In 1999, facing what was described by his peers as certain failure, Tom founded and opened Alternative HealthCare Solutions; a physical therapy practice designed to attract patients with the most difficult and stubborn physical issues and to correct those issues in rapid order. Tom’s practice draws patients from all over the USA as well as Canada and Europe.

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