East of Suez: Ceylon, India, China and Japan

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Century Company, 1907 - East Asia - 349 pages
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Page 210 - Executioners, and conducted her to his own Lodgings. They lived lovingly many Years and had several Children, at length she died, after he had settled in Calcutta, but instead of converting her to Christianity, she made him a Proselyte to Paganism, and the only part of Christianity that was remarkable in him, was burying her decently...
Page 12 - The task would be a digging proposition, pure and simple. A cardinal article of faith of the legal status of the canal is its absolute internationality. By its constitution no government can employ it in war time to the exclusion or disadvantage of another nation. By a convention becoming operative in 1888 the canal is exempt from blockade, and vessels of all nations, whether armed or not, are forever to be allowed to pass through it in peace or time of war. Critics of Britain's paramount interest...
Page iii - Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, tho...
Page 282 - Gem of the Orient Earth and open sea, Macao ! That in thy lap and on thy breast Hast gathered beauties all the loveliest...
Page 97 - Kill not — for Pity's sake — and lest ye slay The meanest thing upon its upward way. Give freely and receive, but take from none By greed, or force or fraud, what is his own. Bear not false witness, slander not, nor lie; Truth is the speech of inward purity. Shun drugs and drinks which work the wit abuse Clear minds, clean bodies, need no S6ma juice. Touch not thy neighbor's wife, neither commit Sins of the flesh unlawful and unfit.
Page 282 - With gentlest waves which ever and anon Break their awakened furies on thy shore. Were these the scenes that poet looked upon, Whose lyre though known to fame knew misery more! They have their glories and earth's diadems Have nought so bright as genius
Page 97 - The meanest thing upon its upward way. FIVE RULES OF BUDDHA, I WATCH you through the garden walks, I watch you float between The avenues of dahlia stalks, And flicker on the green ; You hover round the garden seat, You mount, you waver. Why, Why storm us in our still retreat...
Page ix - What the American, zigzagging up and down and across that boundless region spoken of as East of Suez, fails to see is the product of Uncle Sam's mills, workshops, mines and farms. From the moment he passes the Suez Canal to his arrival at Hong Kong or Yokohama, the Stars and Stripes are discovered in no harbor nor upon any sea; and maybe he sees the emblem of the great republic not once in the transit of the Pacific. And the products of our marvelous country are met but seldom, if at all, where the...
Page 172 - ... blood-stone, golden-stone, Carnelian, jade, crystal, and chalcedony, Turkis, and agate ; and the berries and fruits Heightened with coral-points and nacre-lights (One single spray set here with five-score stones) So that this place of death is made a bower With beauteous grace of blossoms overspread ; And she who loved her garden, lieth now Lapped in a garden.
Page 245 - Passing over twenty centuries we find the metropolis of the present time, with its two million people, the most satisfying, fascinating, and puzzling city in the Orient, if not in the whole world.

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