The History of the Boston Athenĉum: With Biographical Notices of Its Deceased Founders

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Metcalf, 1851 - Humanities libraries - 367 pages

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Page 21 - of said corporation, and the manner in which the same may be administered, and that the said Legislature may at any time alter, amend, or repeal the charter of said corporation at their pleasure ; reserving however to the proprietors for the time being their property in the buildings, funds, books, and other
Page 107 - V. All books shall be returned to the Library for examination on the second Wednesday of May, annually, and remain one fortnight. And every person then having one or more books, and neglecting to return the same, as herein required, shall forfeit and pay a fine of one dollar.
Page 181 - as a fund, to be regularly increased by one quarter of the income, of which the other three quarters are to be annually applied to the purchase of books for ever. The sum of Seventy-Five Thousand Dollars, for the erection of this Building, was raised by voluntary
Page 181 - contributions was increased to Forty-Five Thousand Dollars by other subscriptions, obtained chiefly through the efforts and influence of Nathaniel Bowditch, Francis Calley Gray, George Ticknor, and Thomas Wren Ward. GEORGE WATSON BRIMMER, in 1838, gave a magnificent collection of books on the Fine Arts. JOHN BROMFIELD, in 1846, gave
Page 21 - such time appertaining to the said corporation. " Sect. 7. Be it further enacted, That, whenever any proprietor shall neglect or refuse to pay any assessment duly imposed upon his share or shares in said corporation for the space of sixty days after the time set for the payment thereof, the treasurer of the
Page 20 - MAYNARD WALTER, Boni, Juris ac omnium Rerum Literis attinentium * " Bring fragrant flowers, the whitest lilies bring, With all the purple beauties of the spring; On the dear youth, to please his shade below, This unavailing gift, at least, I may bestow !
Page 113 - Members of the Board of Trustees, and nine Trustees, all Proprietors; and also a Secretary; to continue in office until others are chosen in their stead. And if any of these officers should not be elected at the Annual Meeting, they may be elected at any other meeting. "CHAPTER
Page 80 - entirely silent, now that nothing remains of them but their honored memory. " Mr. Perkins very early engaged in commercial pursuits. He had received in boyhood, under the care of an excellent mother, the preparatory instruction which might have fitted him for an academical education ; but the approach of the revolutionary war, and the discouraging aspect of the
Page 101 - of Sciences in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Petersburg, Berlin, Turin, Gottingen, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Madrid, and Lisbon, making, in the whole, one of the most complete scientific libraries in the United States. " The means taken by the committee to supply the deficiencies in the library will be seen by the annual Report, made to the Proprietors of the
Page 142 - for his labors, and the most eminent mathematicians of Europe have acknowledged him their equal in the highest walks of their science. His last great work ranks with the noblest productions of our age. " But it is not merely the benefactor of this institution, and the illustrious mathematician whose labors have given safety to commerce and reputation to his country, whom

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