Eutropius and Aurelius Victor, with vocabulary, by R. J. Neilson. New edition, revised and corrected by W. M'Dowall

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William MacDowall, R. J. NEILSON
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Page 239 - Baba and the Forty Thieves. Old Mother Goose. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. The Wolf and the Goats. One, two; button my shoe. Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son. The Wolf and the Fox. The Fox and the Farmer.
Page 12 - Romani expaverunt : sed nox praelio finem dedit. Laevinus tamen per noctem fugit : Pyrrhus Romanos mille octingentos cepit, eosque summo honore tractavit : occisos sepelivit. Quos cm adverso vulnere, et truci vultu, etiam mortuos jacere vidisset, tulisse ad coelum manus dicitur cum hac voce : " Se totius orbis dominum esse potuisse, si taies sibi milites contigissent.
Page 239 - Series,' some of the most Popular Tales for Children, including, besides Robinson Crusof. and Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, the most attractive stories of Fairies and Giants. They have not attempted by annotation or abridgment to make their books look like treatises, but have been content to rely on the fascination of the stories themselves, as the best means of overcoming the mechanical difficulty of reading.
Page 245 - A Compendium of Modern Geography, POLITICAL, PHYSICAL, and MATHEMATICAL : With a Chapter on the Ancient Geography of Palestine, Outlines of Astronomy and of Geology, a Glossary of Geographical Names, Descriptive and Pronouncing Tables, Questions for Examination, etc. By the Rev. ALEX. STEWART, LL.D. Carefully Revised. With 11 Maps.
Page 244 - Professor of the Italian Language at Oxford. — " I have adopted your Grammar for the elementary instruction of students of Italian in the Taylor Institution, and find it admirably adapted to the purpose, as well for the order and clearness of the rules. as for the practical excellence and ability of the exercises with which you have enriched it.
Page 25 - Insequenti anno Scipio in Hispania egregias res egit et per se et per fratrem suum L. Scipionem; LXX civitates receperunt. In Italia tamen male pugnatum est.

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