Brownson's Quarterly Review, Volume 3

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Benjamin H. Greene, 1858
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Page 529 - The Papacy remains, not in decay, not a mere antique, but full of life and youthful vigor. The Catholic Church is still sending forth to the farthest ends of the world missionaries as zealous as those who landed in Kent with Augustine ; and still confronting hostile kings with
Page 191 - no man can threaten him with ejection or the work-house, so long as he is active and economical. He walks therefore with a bold step; he looks you in the face with the air of a free man, but of a respectful one."*
Page 64 - like acclaim would Douglas greet If he could hurl me from my seat. Who o'er the herd would wish to reign, Fantastic, fickle, fierce, and vain
Page 115 - poor are more oppressed, more pauperised, more numerous in comparison to the other classes, more irreligious, and very much worse educated, than the poor of any other European nation, solely excepting Russia, Turkey, South Italy,
Page 183 - is very much higher, happier, and more satisfactory, than that of the peasants and operatives of England ; and that while these latter are struggling in the deepest ignorance, pauperism, and moral degradation, the former are steadily and progressively attaining a condition, both socially and
Page 301 - my God, I firmly believe all the sacred truths the Holy Catholic Church believes and teaches, because thou hast revealed them, who canst neither deceive nor be deceived." But though we believe not the
Page 84 - Service over, she sat in the porch of the church, and each of the young men, as they passed out in succession, dropped a penny into her lap; but the last, instead of a penny, gave her a halfcrown, taking from her the twenty-nine pennies
Page 183 - I do not hesitate, then, to affirm,—and the proof of this affirmation I shall immediately show,—that the moral, intellectual, and social condition of the peasants and operatives of those parts of Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and France, where the poor have been educated, where the land has been released from the feudal laws, and where the peasants have been enabled to acquire
Page 493 - and others would have us possess. ' Blessed are the poor in spirit.' ' Blessed are the meek.' ' Blessed are the pure in heart.'
Page 189 - of thefts, and of rude and disgusting sports, are the pleasures of their life. The idea of going to musical meetings, such as those of the German poor, would be scoffed at, even if there were any such meetings for them to attend. Innocent dancing is unknown to them.

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