WHERE WIZARDS STAY UP LATE: The Origins of the Internet

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Now that high school students are spending their spare time cruising the Internet, it's probably time the rest of us found out how the whole thing started. Newsweek contributing editor Hafner (coauthor of Cyberpunk, 1991) and husband Lyon, who is assistant to the president of the University of Texas, begin their story back in the '50s, when President Eisenhower decided that basic scientific ... Read full review

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Where Wizards stay up late, by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon, is a very interesting novel considering it is not so much as a novel in the traditional sense. The book starts in the 1960s where the internet is completely non-existent. From there it begins the telling of the eventual creation of the internet. Instead of just focusing on the internet itself, the book includes a lot of information about the time periods it covers. From pre to post cold war, it offers and interesting and factual inside look to the race of technology at the time and the precursors to the internet’s creation. However the book does not bog the reader down with frivolous details, instead giving an enjoyable story approach. Readers will definitely appreciate reading this book, as it will give them an interesting way learning about where the internet and computers came from. As well as the evolution of technology from big to small, the book gives knowledge about the scientists behind the internet’s creation like Joseph Licklider, Bob Taylor and Larry Roberts. Without these individuals, it could have been years more before anything like the internet ever was imagined, let alone created. The foundation made by these scientists was fundamental, and the journey of how it happened is a very interesting and informative one, thanks to this book.  

Review: Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet

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was fun to be a reader for this. i miss matt Read full review

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