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This book isn't a love story, it's a hate story !!

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this is one of my all-time favourite books. it is lusciously written; full of prose and vivid detail. the characters are delicious in their depth and development. the plot is fantastic. it is dark and compelling; full of human suffering and angst. it plumbs the human psyche and searches the soul in a haunting, daunting and excruciatingly "real" manner. it is deep wine velvet and drips with desire for those with imagination and passion. 5 stars. 

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Very good... Catherine Earnshaw/Linton is probably my favourite character because she feisty and fierce. Don't like like the way her story ends though!

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very good online read!

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This is a book that speaks to the death of romantic notions; even the relatively happy ending doesn't seem to come from a grand love or fiery romance, but from quiet acceptance. The only (presumably) successful relationship doesn't start in secret and it is never dramatic; it is a quiet acclimatization of two people towards one another, a co-evolution. To me, in many ways, Wuthering Heights was an anti-romance, exactly the opposite of what I had been expecting. 

Review: Wuthering Heights: Emily Bront 's Classic Masterpiece - Complete Original Text

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I am not sure that bringing this book on a camping trip was the best idea. I think it could be better enjoyed in solitude with a good amount of time to get immersed in the different writing style and setting of the story. Read full review

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