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I have read this book and I knew Cheryl Nicol. As with all nurses, unless you were on duty with them they would not talk to an enlisted man. Exception, Brenda Pickle. Nichol's description of the events of the "Tet Offensive" are a complete fabrication. Why would she "crawl to the OR"? There was a concrete walk all the way to the OR and ER. There was no sand between the OR and ER. We had an MP that came in about 1:00 AM that was hit in the abdomen. Nothing else until morning. We did have mortars hit the compound toward the end of Tet. The OR did get a mortar hit that damaged an autoclave and myself and one other soldier. We were not overloaded with casualties. The 8th Fld. received many patients that flown in from the 4th Div and some Marines. I worked at the A & D office, was in charge of perimeter defense. It has been a puzzling question that many nurses say they spent the first 22 hours of their first 24 hours at the 8th working in OR? At the 8th they had a concrete two story house with a 2nd level patio, armed Nung guards in front of the house. They had their own jeep and a driver. It seems true with nurses and many, other soldiers that "those who talk the most, did the least". Every "wannabe" was a door gunner shot down several times and usually in Cambodia.
It is good that many have come forward to tell their stories but sad that so many think they need to lie.
I did talk to Cheryl Nicol and had her relate her story of the Tet offensive to me. When I confronted her she admitted many points were wrong, but that was what "I remember, and maybe they could be wrong. I did not know any others in this book but I hope their stories had more truth. R. Waite 1966-68

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