Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Magazine, Volume 16

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D. Van Nostrand., 1877 - Engineering
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Page 561 - Practical Information on the Deviation of the Compass, for the use of") Masters and Mates of Iron Ships...
Page 146 - Health shall investigate, by themselves or by agents appointed by them, the subject of the correct method of drainage and sewerage of the cities and towns of the Commonwealth, especially with regard to the pollution of rivers, estuaries, and ponds by such drainage or sewerage, and to devise and report a system or method by which said cities or towns may be properly drained, and said rivers, estuaries, and ponds may be protected against pollution, so far as possible, all with the view to the preservation...
Page 151 - In the 24,854 houses supplied by the Lambeth Company, comprising a population of about 166,906 persons, there occurred 611 cholera deaths, being at the rate of 37 to every 10,000 living...
Page 442 - The amount of water passing over this fall has been estimated at 100 millions of tons per hour, and its perpendicular descent may be taken at 150 feet, without counting the rapids, which represent a further fall of 150 feet, making a total of 300 feet between lake and lake. But the force represented by the principal fall alone amounts to 16,800,000 horse-power, an amount which, if it had to be produced by steam, would necessitate an expenditure of not less than 266,000,000 tons of coal per annum,...
Page 153 - Of all the processes which have been proposed for the purification of water or of water polluted by excrementitious matters, there is not one which is sufficiently effective to warrant the use, for dietetic purposes, of water which has been so contaminated. In our own opinion, therefore, rivers which have received sewage, even if that sewage has been purified before its discharge, are not safe sources of potable water.
Page 260 - IA inches square, equal to 2 square inches. The briquettes were left in the air one day to set, then immersed in water for six days, and tested when seven days old. After...
Page 40 - We might even place a layer of asphalt between the copper floor and the ground, so as to insulate the building. If the mill were then struck with lightning, it would remain charged for some time, and a person standing on the ground outside and touching the wall might receive a shock, but no electrical effect would be perceived inside, even on the most delicate electrometer.
Page 66 - That the directions of the sides are accurately to the four cardinal points. 4. That the vertical height of the pyramid bears the same proportion to its circumference at the base as the radius of a circle does to its circumference.
Page 279 - ... 3. Dry loamy soil absorbs more than peaty soil, and gives up less, whilst dry sandy soil, on the contrary, absorbs less and gives up more. Consequently a loamy...
Page 557 - But if you wish to steer a course allotted, Take plain from chart and keep her head on dotted.

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