Under the sunset

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Page 33 - All the beasts of the field, and all the fowls of the air, were with Adam in paradise. And there is no question but their state was suited to their place : it was paradisiacal ; perfectly happy.
Page 154 - It rose silently, higher — higher — enveloping the wilderness for far around. It took deeper and darker shades as it arose. It was as though the Spirit of Gloom were hid within, and grew mightier with the spreading vapour. To the eyes of the dying Poet the creeping mist was as a shadowy castle. Arose the tall turrets and the frowning keep. The gateway with its cavernous recesses and its beetling towers took shape as a skull.
Page 4 - ... weapons. Then it is an evil time for the intruder. Straightway he is brought into the Court and tried, and if found guilty sentenced, and either put into prison or banished. Then the men go back to their hammocks, and all living things retire again till the Rest Time is over. It is the same in the nigtyt as in the Rest Time, if an intruder comes to do harm. In the night only the dogs are awake, and the sick people and their nurses.
Page 69 - Zaya saw that his blind eyes looked towards her as though he were trying to see. He raised the great shadowy arms, draped still in his shroud of mist, as though blessing her ; and she thought that the wind that came by her moaning bore the echo of the words : " Innocence and devotion save the land.
Page 107 - ... and then you will be unmad enough to wish to be unmad, and we will cure that too.
Page 4 - ... cannot except by one way. If he tries any other way he goes on and on, turning without knowing it, till he comes to the one place where only he can depart.

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