Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice

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Brown & Benchmark Publishers, 1997 - Business & Economics - 508 pages
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Part I: Public Relations: The Profession
1 The Nature of Public Relations
What is Public Relations?
Public Relations as a Management Function
Public Relations as Communication
Public Relations as a Means of Influencing Public Opinion
The Nature of Public Relations Work
A Systems View of Public Relations
Case Study*

2 The History of Public Relations
American Antecedents to Public Relations
Public Relations: Three Stages of Development
The 1930s to the Present
The Depression
The Present
The Future of Public Relations

3 A Theoretical Basis for Public Relations by Rick Fischer
Theories of Relationships
Theories of Cognition and Behavior
Theories of Mass Communication
Useful Typologies in Understanding Public Relations

4 Public Relations in Organizational Decision Making
Staff and Line: Where Public Relations Fits in Decision Making
The Importance of Public Relations in Organizational Decision Making
Entering the Management Mainstream
Issues Management

5 Ethics and Professionalism
The Challenge of Ethical Practice
Establishing Standards for a Developing Profession

Part II: Public Relations: The Process
6 Research: Understanding Public Opinion
The Need for Research in Public Relations
Case Study: Cedar Springs Community Hospital, Segment 1
Proving the Worth of Public Relations
Informal Research Techniques
Formal Research Techniques
Collecting Formal Research Data
Measuring Public Opinion
Uses of Research in Public Relations

7 Planning for Public Relations Effectiveness
The Importance of Planning
Case Study: Cedar Springs Community Hospital, Segment 2
The Fundamentals of Managerial Planning
Developing a Plan to Reach the Goal
Types of Plans

8 Action and Communication
Case Study: Cedar Springs Community Hospital, Segment 3
Public Relations in Action
Designing the Public Relations Matrix
The Practitioner as a Communicator

9 Evaluating Public Relations Effectiveness
The Need for Evaluation Research
Case Study: Cedar Springs Community Hospital, Segment 4
Measuring the Worth of Public Relations Efforts
Closed-System Evaluation
Open-System Evaluation

Part III: Public Relations: The Publics
10 Media Relations
Understanding the Media
The Relationship Between Journalists and PR Practitioners
Working with the Media
Research and Planning in Media Relations
How to Reach the Media
Electronic Media

11 Employee Communication
The Concept of Organizational Climate
The Importance of Employee Communication
Special Employee Communication Situations
The Media of Employee Communication
12 Community Relations
An Interdependent Relationship
The Community Relations Process
Specific Functions of Community Relations

13 Consumer Relations and Marketing
Applying Public Relations Techniques to Marketing
Development of Consumer Relations Issu es
Recent Trends in Consumer Issues
Public Relations and Consumer Affairs
Integrated Communication

14 Financial Relations
Growing Interest in Investor Relations
Maintaining Investor Confidence
Providing Public Information
Crisis Issues in Financial Relations
Financial Relations Professionals
Audiences for Financial Relations
Communication Strategies in Financial Relations

15 Public Affairs: Relations with Government
Public Affairs for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Public Affairs in Business
The Job of Public Affairs
Understanding the Political System
State and Local Public Affairs
Internal Political Communication
Does Business Conduct Its Government Relations Properly?

Part IV: Public Relations: The Practice
16 Public Relations in Not-for-Profit Organizations
Communication in Not-for-Profit Organizations
Public Relations in Associations and Unions
Hospital and Health Care Public Relations
Public Relations in Religious and Volunteer Organizations
Public Relations in Educational Institutions
Fund Raising as a Public Relations Problem

17 Public Relations in Government
The Background of Public Relations in American Government
The Importance and Scope of Governmental Public Relations
The Function of Governmental Public Relations
The Practice of Governmental Public Relations
Employee and Media Relations in Government
Using the Internet
The Presidential Press Secretary
Public Relations and Political Campaigns
The Impact of Public Relations on Government

18 Corporate Public Relations
The Challenge of Corporate Public Relations Today Establishing Corporate Credibility
Considering the Human Factor
Promoting Public Understanding
Helping Solve Societal Problems
Public Relations for Small Businesses
Major Issues Facing Corporate Public Relations Professionals

19 The Legal Environment of Public Relations Practice
Public Relations and Legal Advisers
First Amendment Rights and Limits
Government Regulatory Agencies
Legal Considerations Surrounding the Internet

20 Public Relations as a Career
The Expanding Scope of Public Relations Practice
Public Relations Practitioner Profiles
Preparing for a Public Relations Career
Finding a Job in Public Relations
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What is Public Relations?
The History of Public Relations
The 1930s to the Present

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