Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867

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An obsure book, but vitally important for California history and genealogy researchers. My God Bless the writers, publishers, scanners, and Google for making this history available to the future generations. The historical revisionists will have a hard time denying this valuable resource.

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Page 824 - State, and deeming it for the best interest of the Government that volunteer troops raised within the district should be employed against the hostile Indians, I have, by virtue of authority vested in me by the War Department, respectfully to request that your excellency may be pleased to organize within said district six companies of infantry, to be mustered into the service of the United States. "My design is to retain these companies in service only so long as our difficulties in the district may...
Page 54 - No man who does not pursue some lawful calling or have some legitimate means of support shall be permitted to remain in the Territory. Having no thought or motive in all this but the good of the people and aiming only to do right, the undersigned confidently hopes and expects in all he does to further these ends, to have the hearty co-operation of every good citizen and soldier in Arizona.
Page 26 - States above named is stated in the most reliable census to be six hundred and twenty-eight thousand, of all ages, sexes, and races, covering an area of sixty-seven thousand five hundred and sixty-three square miles. I am informed that recent discoveries of mineral wealth in Sonora and Chihuahua have invited large bodies of men from California to those two States. It is suspected that they are of a class easily induced to unite with the southern rebels in an attack on these and their neighboring...
Page 65 - Column from California' in the summer months, across the great desert in the driest season that has been known for thirty years, is a military achievement creditable to the soldiers of the American army; but it would not be just to attribute the success of this march to any ability on my part. That success was gained only by the high physical and moral energies of that peculiar class of officers and men who composed the 'California Column'.
Page 47 - Indian scouts brought information that a detachment of Confederates was in the immediate front. The detachment of Cavalry was ordered to make a wide detour, so as to strike them on the flank, while the captain with the main party was to attack them in front. The enemy was not found in the immediate front, but, after traveling several miles, rapid firing was heard in advance, and arriving upon the spot it was found that Lieutenant Barrett had located the Rebel pickets, and the first information they...
Page 45 - Indians ; that the military stores of the Federal Army to a large amount had been burned at Guaymas, and that troops from California were on the march up the Gila River for this place; and these reports were so well accredited that a few of the citizens, more ultra in their Southern feelings than the rest, were about leaving rather than fall into the hands of their Northern foes, to sacrifice all their interests in' this place, and look for safety among their Southern brethren on the Rio Grande.
Page 6 - It gives me pleasure to state that the command was turned over to me in good order. General Johnston had forwarded his resignation before I arrived, but he continued to hold the command, and was carrying out the orders of the Government.
Page 6 - There is a strong Union feeling with the majority of the people of this State, but the Secessionists are much the most active and zealous party, which gives them more influence than they ought to have from their numbers. I have no doubt but there is some deep scheming to draw California into the secession movement; in the first place as the "Republic of the Pacific," expecting afterwards to induce her to join the Southern Confederacy.
Page 65 - The march of the Column from California across the Great Desert in the summer months, in the driest season that has been known for thirty years, is a military achievement creditable to the soldiers of the American Army. But it would not be just to attribute the success of this march to any ability on my part.
Page 47 - James Barrett of Company A and EC Baldwin of Company D, and a detachment ' of Company K, First Infantry, under Lieutenant Jeremiah Phelan, with two mountain howitzers, was sent out with orders to proceed along the overland route as far as Tucson. This command reached the Pimos Villages with no other signs of the Confederates than a number of burned haystacks at the different stations. Upon approaching the Picacho, April 15, 1862, the Indian scouts brought information that a detachment of Confederates...

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