Diseases of the ovaries

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Churchill, 1872 - 478 pages
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Page 290 - As soon as the incision was completed, the intestines rushed out upon the table ; and so completely was the abdomen filled by the tumour that they could not be replaced during the operation, which was finished in twenty-five minutes. In consequence of its great bulk, Dr.
Page 299 - had told us that the operation was one which, " though it may excite the astonishment of the vulgar, calls neither for the knowledge of the anatomist, nor the skill of the surgeon ;" and that whenever an operation was performed " so fearful in its nature, often so immediately fatal in its results, a fundamental principle of medical morality
Page 286 - Medical Observations and Inquiries,' after stating that the trocar is almost the only palliation in the treatment of ovarian dropsy, says : ' It has been proposed by modern surgeons, deservedly of the first reputation, to attempt a radical cure by incision and suppuration, or by excision of the cyst.
Page 269 - the fluid a few hours or days before removing the solid portion of an ovarian cyst ; and 3. That when the syphon-trocar, which I brought before the profession in 1860, is carefully used in such a manner as to prevent the escape of ovarian fluid into the peritoneal cavity, and the entrance of air
Page 294 - which seemed to be parts of the distended ovary. Then I squeezed out all I could, and stitched up the wound in three places, almost equidistant. The lower part of the wound was kept open by a small tent. Some serosity discharged from it for
Page 176 - about an inch and a half long, and a quarter of an inch wide, enclosing a few vessels and some areolar tissue. The tumour measured in its long diameter
Page 269 - in 1860, is carefully used in such a manner as to prevent the escape of ovarian fluid into the peritoneal cavity, and the entrance of air into the cyst, the danger of tapping is extremely small. Tapping through the vagina
Page 43 - Since last August, 1864, I have succeeded in finding ova in some of the loculi of a large number of ovarian cysts. Some of the ova were perfect, with a sharply defined zona pellucida, a germinal vesicle and a germinal spot ; others were more or
Page 290 - It was performed on Mrs. Crawford, of Kentucky, in December, 1809. The tumour inclined more to one side than the other, and was so large as to induce her professional attendant to believe that she was in the last stage of pregnancy. She was affected with pains, similar to those of labour,
Page 217 - into the hypochondrium, and lastly downwards towards the groin. An ovarian tumour has, in all probability, been first noticed in one inguinal or iliac region, and has extended upwards and inwards. 7. It is only a very small ovarian tumour, with a long pedicle, which could be mistaken for a floating or

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