British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Volume 60

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1877 - Medicine
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Page 510 - Medicinal Plants : Being descriptions, with original figures, of the Principal Plants employed in Medicine, and an account of their Properties and Uses.
Page 115 - Many who hold it would probably assent to the position that, at the present moment, all our philosophy, all our poetry, all our science, and all our art — Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, and Raphael — are potential in the fires of the sun.
Page 119 - No one ever saw a special creation ; no one ever found proof of an indirect kind, that a special creation had taken place. It is significant, as Dr Hooker remarks, that naturalists who suppose new species to be miraculously originated, habitually suppose the origination to occur in some region remote from human observation.
Page iii - A MANUAL OF AUSCULTATION AND PERCUSSION; of the Physical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Lungs and Heart, and of Thoracic Aneurism.
Page 116 - But in reply to your question, they will frankly admit their inability • to point to any satisfactory experimental proof that life can be developed save from demonstrable antecedent life.
Page 300 - Porrett, to reprint it entire, for the benefit of those of our readers, who may not have the time and convenience to refer to the volume which contains it.
Page 116 - If you ask me whether there exists the least evidence to prove that any form of life can be developed out of matter, without demonstrable antecedent life, my reply is that evidence considered perfectly conclusive by many has been adduced; and that, were some of us who have pondered this question to follow a very common example, and accept testimony because it falls in with our belief, we also should eagerly close with the evidence referred to.
Page 176 - SURGICAL EMERGENCIES together with the Emergencies attendant on Parturition and the Treatment of Poisoning : a Manual for the use of General Practitioners, by WILLIAM P. SWAIN, FRCS, Surgeon to the Royal Albert Hospital, Devonport.
Page 395 - Koch found that the rods had only a comparatively fugitive vitality ; they lost their infective power generally in a few days ; at the most, in about five weeks. But the spores retained their infective activity for an indefinite period, in spite of all kinds of maltreatment.
Page 166 - ... forgotten that the man who commences life with an axe and a little household furniture is in the situation of a mere daylaborer. The addition to his means of the use of land is the very circumstance that enables him to rise above his humble position, and to profit by the cultivation of the soil. At the close of the last century, and at the commencement of the present, the country was so placed as to render every stroke of the axe directly profitable, the very...

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