Communist Retaliation and Persecution on Yugoslav Territory During and After WWII (1943-1950)

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GRIN Verlag, 2007 - 60 pages
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Scientific Essay from the year 2004 in the subject History Europe - Other Countries - Ages of World Wars, University of Vienna, (140 Fußnoten) entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The following article deals with repressive measures undertaken by communist-dominated Partisan forces during and especially after WWII in order to take revenge on former enemies, to punish collaborators, and "people's enemies" and to decimate and eliminate the potential of opponents to a new, socialist Yugoslavia. The text represents a summary of a master thesis referring to the above-mentioned topic written and accepted at Vienna University in 2002.

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Page 16 - The German Volksgruppe in the Independent State of Croatia as an Instrument of German Occupation Policy in Yugoslavia'.
Page 2 - Stalinismus und Selbst-Sowjetisierung in Jugoslawien. Von der kommunistischen Partisanenbewegung zu Titos Einparteiensystem, in: Gleichschaltung unter Stalin? Die Entwicklung der Parteien im östlichen Europa 1944-1949. Hgg. Stefan CwBUZBERGER/Manfred GÖRTEMAKER. Paderborn ua 2002, 219-238. Mit welcher Intensität und Rückhaltlosigkeit Tito den Despoten im Kreml' kopierte, wird im folgenden anhand der von ihm eingeleiteten Religionspolitik untersucht.
Page 7 - Zwischen Karst und Adria: Entnationalisierung, Umsiedlung und Vertreibung in Dalmatien, Istrien und Julisch-Venetien (1927-1954), in: Robert STREIBEL (Hg.), Flucht und Vertreibung.
Page 7 - Titoist Integration of Yugoslavia: The Partisan Myth and the Hungarians of the Vojvodina, 1945-1975," Polity 12 (2) (Winter 1979): 251; Borba, December 18, 1971, p.
Page 6 - Verbrechen an den Deutschen durch das Tito-Regime in der Zeit von 1944-1948, München. Zentralstelle des Kirchlichen Suchdienstes ed. 1965: Gesamterhebung zur Klärung des Schicksals der deutschen Bevölkerung in den Vertreibungsgebieten, Bd. 1-3, München. „Bevölkerungsgeschichte" in der „Deutschen Gesellschaft für Bevölkerungswissenschaft
Page 6 - Die deutschen Kriegsgefangenen in Jugoslawien 1941-1949 (= Zur Geschichte der deutschen Kriegsgefangenen des Zweiten Weltkrieges I/l), München 1962.
Page 12 - If the outcome of the war had been the opposite, with the quisling forces on the winning and the Partisans on the losing side, the same thing would have happened to the remnants of the Partisan forces.
Page 4 - Very soon it dawned upon me that the major obstacle to my work would be the mvths created over four decades about the number of victims, myths by now deeply implanted in the soul of the people of all religions, political beliefs and nationality; mvths which, bv repetition became a 'reality'.
Page 7 - Galliano, Fogar, Fojbe in deportacije v Julijski krajini, in: Prispevki za zgodovino delavskega gibanja 25 (1985), p.
Page 5 - Zapisnici sa sednica Politbiroa Centralnog komiteta KPJ (11. jun 1945 - 7. jul 1948), (=Izvori za istoriju Jugoslavije), Beograd 1995; Petranovic, Branko/Zecevic, Momcilo, Jugoslovenski federalizam.

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