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Mr. Mullen, My name is Valerie Harvey Maguill. I worked at the Scream club in Hollywood as a photographer for the club from 1986 to 1989ish.I have shots of Guns & Roses from the Woodstock in orange county when they opend for Kerry Doll, they have never been published. I write to you because I need to reach David (Daud) Hermon, another photographer, whose work is in your book:Whores.Please foreward my address to him, if you are able. For this favor, I will make my catalogue of photos available to you.Slash showed me his dick cuz he heard someoe else did one nite at the Scream,(got it). I have alot of shots from that club and no one has done seen them but me. Call me (714) 547-2305 with any question, please anything yo u can do to help.  

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