The Noank's Log: A Privateer of the Revolution

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Lothrop, 1900 - United States - 337 pages
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Page 343 - Merrill, $1.50 THIS stirring story of the Revolution details the adventures of one of Washington's famous lifeguards, who is a college mate of Alexander Hamilton, and a personal follower of Washington. It is based upon a notable and dangerous conspiracy against the life of Washington in the early days of the Revolution, and introduces such famous characters as Washington, Hamilton, Greene, and Nathan Hale. It is a splendid book for boys and girls.
Page 349 - Concord, and knows the interesting town thoroughly. Debby Parlin, the heroine, lived in a little house on the Lexington Road, still standing, and was surrounded by all the stir and excitement of the months of preparation and the days of action at the beginning of our struggle for freedom. By Way of the Wilderness By "PANSY
Page 344 - The Last of the Flatboats. A Story of the Mississippi and its Interesting Family of Rivers. By GEORGE GARY EGGLESTON, author of "The Wreck of the Redbird.
Page 347 - A Little Maid of Concord-town," "Five Little Peppen," etc. 12mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50 'T'HERE are few more fascinating phases of •^ colonial history than that which tells the wanderings and adventures of the two judges who, because they sat in judgment over that royal criminal, Charles...
Page 349 - Marcia, the heroine, is a strong and delightful character, and the book easily takes high rank among the most effective and absorbing stories based upon a dramatic phase of American history. THE LITTLE MAID OF CONCORD TOWN A Romance of the American Revolution By MARGARET SIDNEY lamo, cloth.
Page 348 - ... in judgment over that royal criminal, Charles the First of England, were hunted out of England into hiding in New England and there remained, a mystery and fugitives, in their celebrated cave in New Haven Colony. Margaret Sidney has made her careful and exhaustive research into their story a labor of love and has, in this book, woven about them a romance of rare power and great beauty. Marcia, the heroine, is a strong and delightful character, and the book will easily take high rank among the...
Page 345 - on the edge of the- forest." It introduces English readers to a charming and little-known community, far removed from towns and cities, but where the duties, desires, passions...
Page 3 - Hind, and he was again made prisoner. Thus far English commerce had suffered unprecedented losses at the hands of American cruisers and privateers. On the 6th of February, 1778, Mr. Woodbridge testified at the bar of the House of Lords that " the number of ships lost by capture or destroyed by American privateers since the commencement of the war is seven hundred and thirty-three, of which, after deducting for those retaken and restored, there remained five hundred and fifty-nine...
Page 342 - ... our Heavenly Father, my dear son, I most heartily congratulate you and yours upon your having at last obtained what you have so long merited. In our repeated disappointments I consoled myself with a sentence which you and I learned in our youth, ' Tis not in mortals to command success, But we'll do more, Sempronious, we'll deserve it. That this and every acquisition you may make may prove a permanent blessing to yourself and family will ever be my constant and ardent prayer. If I could move I...
Page 346 - Mr. Trunnell," he has a tale strong in its intensity, vivid in its realism, novel in plot and action and full of the taste of salt water from first to last. The Wind-jammers By T. JENKINS HAINS.

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