Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Volume 54

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Bishop's College Press, 1885 - Asia
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Page 117 - the Moghul practice we called each other ' friends '." Similar relations were formed between the other Moghul leaders and the Kashmir nobles. 2 Rodgers (JASB, vol. LIV, p. 415) gives what appears to me to be a quite incorrect account of these terms. He says, "the Kashghar party taking with them presents of wool, hawks and precious things, went to Muhammad Shah, and asked his daughter in marriage to Sikandar Khan, and desired that the women whom the Mughals had in their hands, should there remain".
Page 63 - At this day various spots in the town are remembered where each of these tributaries held its court on a minor scale. Doubtless there was some petty warfare, resulting sometimes in an extension and sometimes in a contraction of the power of the central ruler ; but usually the chiefs were more occupied in sport than in serious fighting, and, in fact, the various families THE EARLY STATE. 41 had continued in nearly the same relative positions for great lengths of time.
Page 1 - Natural history notes from HM's Indian Marine Survey Steamer 'Investigator,' Commander Alfred Carpenter, RN, Commanding, No.
Page 100 - Muhammed," and had caused coin to be struck, and the khutba to be read in his own name throughout the country of Bihar, gave to Farid Khan, -on account of this gallant encounter, the title of "Sher Khan" and made him the deputy to his son Jalal Khan.
Page 105 - He published a common order that if any theft occurred, the headman of the village or town where the theft occurred should be held responsible. Thus theft was banished from the country19' and -'travellers slept at ease in the woods as in a house20'.
Page 62 - A century ago the old regime was flourishing under Raja Ranjit Deo ; he is still spoken of with the highest respect as a wise administrator, a just judge, and a tolerant man.
Page 12 - The bullock will then be loosed with a dedication. The right quarter is sometimes branded with a trident and the left with a discus and the animal becomes the property of some of the lowcaste people in the village.
Page 123 - ... the Kashmiris." The Mughals agreed to this and sent Amir Khan, builder, to the Kashmiris to ask for peace. The Kashmiris were pleased at this and wrote a letter with oath and covenant that they would not persecute the Mughals any more. The government of Haidar Turk lasted for ten years.
Page 109 - Zain Shah in carrying out his policy of peace within and placidity without. It is stated that after the death of Zain-ul-Abidin, anarchy "ensued under the rule of nominal kings who were replaced on the throne as a mark for the machinations of the different parties who were seeking pre-eminence for purposes of self-aggrandisement and plunder".
Page 176 - I have to regret that up to the present time I have not been able to...

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