Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Band 6

Edward Stanford, 1884
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Seite 348 - NOTES ON AFGHANISTAN AND PART OF BALUCHISTAN, Geographical, Ethnographical, and Historical, extracted from the Writings of little known Afghan, and Tajyik Historians, &c., &c., and from Personal Observation. By Major HG Raverty, Bombay Native Infantry (Retired). Foolscap folio.
Seite 686 - E meglio un uovo oggi che una gallina domani. at melius unum ovum hodie quid una gallina de mane. ie Better is an egg to-day than a hen to-morrow. Chi va piano va sano, chi va sano va lontano. qui vadit planum vadit sanum, qui vadit sanum vadit longum. ie He who goes gently goes safe, he who goes safe goes far.
Seite 105 - KNIGHT (EF). THE CRUISE OF THE ' FALCON '. A Voyage to South America in a 30-Ton Yacht. With 2 Maps and 13 Illustrations.
Seite 169 - Annual Report of the US Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior 1880—81, by JW Powell.
Seite 94 - NNW of the copper mines, and twelve days distant ; it is called Chibungo, and is said to be large. Seven days west of Katanga flows another Lualaba, the dividing line between Rua and Lunda or Londa ; it is very large, and as the Lufira flows into Chibungo, it is probable that the Lualaba West and the Lufira form the Lake.
Seite 464 - Club, until failing health necessitated his absence. He was one of the most regular attendants at the Meetings of the Club, and on all such occasions his amiability and geniality of disposition were manifest, justifying the admiration of his associates. The strongest player ever found in him a worthy antagonist, and the novice a courteous instructor. His absence will be noted by casual visitors, and lamented by those...
Seite 125 - ... or 6 miles in circumference. The land is low, being only a few feet above the level of the sea, except in spots where patches of rock rise to the height of 20 feet, but the lofty trees which cover the face of the country give to it the appearance of being much more elevated.
Seite 735 - General Report on the operations of the Survey of India Department, administered under the Government of India, during 1885-86.
Seite 370 - A PEEP AT MEXICO ; Narrative of a Journey across the Republic from the Pacific to the Gulf, in December 1873 and January 1874.
Seite 234 - BOLOBO; with a General Description of the Natural History and Anthropology of its Western Basin.

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