Lucan's Pharsalia, tr. into Engl. verse by N. Rowe

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Page 113 - And his first rage with day resumes its place: Again his eyes rejoice to view the slain, And run unweary'd o'er the dreadful plain. He bids his train prepare his impious board, And feasts amidst the heaps of death abhorr'd. There each pale face at leisure he may know. And still behold the purple current flow. He views the woeful wide horizon round, Then joys that earth is no where to be found, And owns...
Page 216 - The panting suldier at his toil succeeds, Where no command, but great example leads. Sparing of sleep, still for the rest he wakes, And at the fountain, last, his thirst he slakes; Whene'er by chance some living stream is found, He stands, and sees the cooling...
Page 51 - At her strong bidding (such is her command) Armies at once had left the Stygian strand ; Hell's multitudes had waited on her charms, And legions of the dead had ris'n to arms. Among the dreadful carnage...
Page 63 - She bids the kindling flames afcend on high, And leaves the weary wretch at length to die. Then, while the fecret dark their footfteps hides, Homeward the youth, all pale for fear...
Page 215 - Rome? Or would'st thou know if, what we value here, Life, be a trifle hardly worth our care? What by old age and length of days we gain, More than to lengthen out the sense of pain? Or if this world, with all its forces join'd, The universal malice of mankind, Can shake or hurt the brave and honest mind?
Page 261 - For the proud banquet, stood the hall prepar'd: Thick golden plates the latent beams infold, And the high roof was fretted o'er with gold: Of solid marble all the walls were made, And onyx e'en the meaner floor inlay'd-; While porphyry and agat, round the court, In massy columns, rose a proud support.
Page 190 - Cjcsar, prone to vigilance and haste, To snatch the just occasion ere it pass'd, Hid in the friendly night's involving shade, A safe retreat to Pharos timely made.
Page 188 - And lov'd peace beft, when he was forc'd to arm ; Unmov'd with all the glittering pomp of power, He took with joy, but laid it down with more...
Page 246 - What secret springs soe'er these currents know, They ne'er, by piety, were taught to flow. Or didst thou kindly, like a careful friend, Pursue him flying, only to defend?
Page 196 - Small are the depths their fcanty waves retain, And earth grows daily on the yielding main. And now the loaden fleet with aftive oars Divide the liquid plain, and leave the...

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