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Once again, Joel C. Rosenberg has pulled themes and plots from the daily headlines to create a work of fiction that seems more like a documentary. While the United States government is busy trying to solve the country's economic crisis, there is less attention being paid to the buildup of nuclear weapons in Iran. The Twelfth Imam, or Promised One, is able to take advantage of this situation and is ... Read full review

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This Book is great and so far pretty accurate with events and presidents in play. Though this is a fiction based book we see the same weak minded president
in office today in the USA. Ignoring the facts Our president has chosen to stick his head in the sand concerning Iran today. Sadly too is the all too ready actions of Obama as he ignores the Israeli Primeministers efforts in haw ving talks with the USA . Many people may not know it but this is pretty much the events That will bring in what Christions call the 1. Rapture of the Church 2. Middle Eastern uprising that will follow all of which will conclude in Matt. 24- 25; 1st Th 4:11-5:end; 2thess 1.Cor 15:ALL Rev. 1-22: and much more 

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While I was somewhat disappointed with some of the plot devices of The Twelfth Imam, I was not at all disappointed with this sequel. The book began with enough quote out of the first volume to bring this reader sufficiently up to speed with the action in progress. The action was well paced and plenty intense. There was a great cliffhanger, and no clear sense of how the third volume will wrap up the trilogy. I look forward to its release next Fall. 

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