The Life of Father de Smet, S.J. (1801-1873)

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P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1915 - Indians of North America - 400 pages

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Page 258 - One equal undivided third of all my property, real, personal and mixed, I leave to the City of St. Louis, in the state of Missouri, in trust, to be and constitute a fund to furnish relief to all poor emigrants and travelers coming to St. Louis on their way, bona fide, to settle in the West.
Page 362 - Indian agencies being civil offices, I determined to give all the agencies to such religious denominations as had heretofore established missionaries among the Indians...
Page 24 - The history of their labors is connected with the origin of every celebrated town in the annals of French America : not a cape was turned, nor a river entered, but a Jesuit led the way.
Page 323 - For the purpose of this conference the plains area is defined to include the grassland bounded on the west by the Rocky Mountains and on the east by the Mississippi Valley, and extending from Montana and the Dakotas southward to include Texas and New Mexico.
Page 25 - And may the members of your Society in America, animated alone by the pure spirit of Christianity, and still conducting themselves as the faithful subjects of our free Government, enjoy every temporal and spiritual felicity.
Page 358 - We are satisfied that but for your long and painful Journey into the heart of the hostile country, and but for the influence over even the most hostile of the tribes which your years of labor among them have given to you, the results which we have reached here could not have been accomplished.
Page 122 - It is because on yon proud height, The standard floats of life and light: It is, that there th' Omnipotent Hath pitched His everlasting tent — The God whose love no tongue can tell, Among his children deigns to dwell. All hail! majestic Rock — the home Where many a wand'rer yet shall come; Where God himself, from His own heart Shall health and peace and joy impart. Sorrow...
Page 108 - welcome to my nation. Our hearts rejoice, for to-day the Great Spirit has granted our petition. You have come to a people poor, plain, and submerged in the darkness of ignorance. I have always exhorted my children to love the Great Spirit. We know that all that exists belongs to Him and everything we have comes from His generous hands. From time to time kind white men have given us good advice, which we have striven to follow. Our ardent desire to be instructed in what concerns our salvation...
Page 352 - of six or seven hundred women, children 7 and old men, shook all the veins which bind and support me. I rose, tomahawk in hand, and I have done all the hurt to the whites that I could. Today thou art amongst us, and in thy presence my arms stretch to the ground as if dead.

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