Mechanical Drawing for High Schools: A Text with Problem Layouts

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McGraw-Hill book Company, Incorporated, 1919 - Architectural drawing - 221 pages
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Page 92 - The circular pitch is the distance from a point on one tooth to the corresponding point on the next tooth, measured along the pitch circle.
Page 49 - Perspective projection is the representation of an object as it actually appears to the observer located at a particular point.
Page 111 - An ellipse is the plane curve generated by a point moving so that the sum of its distances from two fixed points (Fi, F2), called the "focuses," is a constant equal to the long diameter, or major axis AB.
Page 75 - BILGE-STRAINERS. Each pipe leading from the bilges or from the drainage system of the vessel to the pumps will be fitted with a Macomb, or equivalent, strainer, above the floors. The baskets of Macomb strainers will have a diameter equal to one and one-half times the diameter of the pipe, and a length equal to twice the diameter of the pipe.
Page 107 - AB at a and b. With a and b as centers, and any radius greater than < .;. describe arcs intersecting at D.
Page 6 - Hold ruling pen perpendicular to the paper and inclined slightly in the direction in which the line is being drawn.
Page 52 - That is, horizontally aligned dimensions are read from the bottom of the sheet, and vertical dimensions from the right side of the sheet (never from the left).
Page 21 - There are two things which a designer, inventor, or builder must be able to do: first, he must be able to visualize, or to see clearly in his mind's eye, what an object looks like without actually having the object; second, he must be able to describe it so that it could be built. A picture can be made which would 6 — • • • 7 show, just as a photograph would do, the general appearance of the object, but it would not show the exact forms and relations of the parts of the object.
Page 120 - If a line be perpendicular to one of the planes of -projection, its projection on that plane is a point ; for, the projecting lines of all the points coincide with the given line.
Page 23 - Basic isometric sketch of a part. projection the top view is placed directly above the front view, and the right-side view to the right of and facing the front view (Figure 2.8).

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