Gesta regum anglorum atque historia novella, Volume 6

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Page 4 - Quin etiam, quia et hoc sociis quos derelinquere cogebantur aliquid commodi adlaturum putabant, murum a mari ad mare recto tramite inter urbes quae ibidem ob metum hostium factae fuerant, ubi et Severus quondam vallum fecerat, firmo de lapide conlocarunt...
Page 144 - Anticyris caput insanabile nunquam 300 Tonsori Licino commiserit. O ego laevus, Qui purgor bilem sub verni temporis horam ! Non alius faceret meliora poemata ; verum Nil tanti est ; ergo fungar vice cotis, acutum Reddere quae ferrum valet, exsors ipsa secandi...
Page 202 - Eadweard. as to the feudal dependence of Scotland on the English crown, King Edward I. issued his writs under the great seal of England, addressed to the principal cathedrals and monasteries in the realm, commanding them to search their chronicles and archives for all matters relating to Scotland, and to transmit the results to the 'king.
Page 13 - Mariae virginis super humeros suos,' &c. Upon this subject see Ussher, Primord. p. 639. In the Annales Cambria.1, these words occur : ' LXXII. annus. (AD 516.) Bellum Badonis in quo rex Arthurus portavit crucem Domini nostri Jesu Christi tribus diebus et tribus noctibus in humeros suos, et victor fuit.
Page 160 - dum viximus amavimus tecum et cum patre tuo, et cum fratribus tuis, et cum avunculis tuis facere praelia et homicidia et rapinas pro cupiditate terrena ; ideo in ista bullientia flumina et metallorum diversa genera sustinemus tormenta.
Page 120 - Primum namque est quod pontífices nostri ac peritissimi quique in nobis dicunt quod contra cañones et apostólica statuta, quae nobis a patre beatissimo Gregorio dirigente statuta sunt, sicut vos scitis, auctoritas Dorovernensis metropolitani in duas scindatur parochias, cujus (eodem patre mandante) ditioni subjacere debent episcopi duodecim, sicut per ecclesias nostras legitur in epistola quam fratri et coepiscopo Augustino direxit de duobus Londonise et Eboracae metrópolis episcopis, quam etiam...
Page 171 - Ipse Scef cum uno dromone advectus est in insula oceani quae dicitur Scani, armis circumdatus, eratque valde recens puer, et ab incolis illius terrae ignotus ; attamen ab eis suscipitur, et ut familiarem diligenti animo eum custodierunt, et post in regem ehgunt : de cuius prosapia ordinem trahit Athulf rex.
Page 270 - ... ornaments, was still permitted, in a decent exile, to profess the catholic religion. His repeated and unsuccessful treasons at length provoked the indignation of the Gothic king ; and the sentence of death, which he pronounced with apparent reluctance, was privately executed in the tower of Seville.
Page 173 - Malmesbury, in placing the accession of Aethelred in the year 867, is one year later than the Saxon Chronicle, Asser, and Florence of Worcester. Thorne adopts the same date as Malmesbury. If, however, the period assigned by Malmesbury to this reign, and that of Aethelberht his predecessor, be correct, Aethelred must have ascended the throne about February 866, and died 24th April 871. 5 Patrium.] CEL ; paternum, ASDM 6 Annorum.] SDE ; omitted in ACL GESTA REGUM ANGLORUM.
Page xi - Should any one, however," to use the poet's expression, "peruse this work with sensible delight," I deem it necessary to acquaint him, that I vouch nothing for the truth of long past transactions, but the consonance of the time; the veracity of the relation must rest with its authors. Whatever I have recorded of later times, I have either myself seen, or heard from credible authority.

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