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Four Seas Company, 1920 - 321 pages
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Page 297 - Europe towards which you people turn your longing and dying eyes and which you love with your tired souls, hungry for happiness, culture, art, and life, that Europe also suffers from the malady which disintegrates and kills. Do not allow yourselves to be dazzled by her empty pomp, by the useless strength of her armies, by the perilous brilliance of her genius.
Page 10 - European immigrants who seek a place for themselves in the country of their adoption, whereas the real Americans represent the conservative tendencies. Europe exerts on American society — through its emigrants — the same dissolving action which America exerts — through its novelties and its example — on the old civilization of Europe.
Page 295 - There is no doubt about it ... If I had a few drops of African blood, I would certainly not be here grumbling . . . I would be perfectly satisfied with the country . . . Why was I not born a mulatto?" 59. The Convention of Taubate* During the First Republic, coffee ruled Brazil economically, and the coffee planters ruled it politically. Both the economic and political centers of the nation shifted from the old sugar regions of Pernambuco to the new coffee regions...
Page 9 - The critics will judge the literary merits of this novel. As a literary amateur, I will point out among its qualities the beauty of its style and its descriptions, the purity of the psychological analysis, the depth of the thoughts and...
Page 98 - ... the setting sun. You could only hear the grunts of some swine that were digging up manioc with their snouts. When I arrived at the point I went into the store of Joseph, the sailor. "Well, Joca, where are you going all dressed up?
Page 96 - Now, boys! You seem to be hungrier than the devil,' she said as she was serving us. 'Good gracious!' The fact remains that the curimatas quickly disappeared, not a banana was left behind either, and we wound up the feast with a good drink of branca. At that hour the cows were bellowing to break your heart, licking the calves that pushed towards them on the other side of the fence.
Page 82 - ... to her hymns with a joyful heart . . . They said that she was generous because she distributes her precious gifts among those who wish them; nobody is turned away from her door, her riches have no owner; she is not disturbed by ambition or pride; her soft, divine eyes see no petty distinctions, her maternal bosom is opened to all like a warm comfortable shelter...
Page 103 - Felicissimo noticed that it was late and advised them to retire, he himself being the first one to get up from the grass. The others stood up yawning, for sleep was already caressing them. From the Doce river and from the neighboring forest came sweet murmurings, and the silent colonists interpreted these nocturnal sounds either as the voices of the...
Page 9 - Europe, we are accustomed to say that modern civilization develops itself in America more freely than in Europe, for in the former country it has not to surmount the obstacle of an older society, firmly established, as is" the case in the latter. Because of this, we call America "the country of the young," and we consider the New World as the great force which decomposes the old European social organization.
Page 290 - A country without justice is not a country to live in; it is nothing but a conglomeration of barbarians . . .: affirmed Maciel, following his bent of talking in genera: terms. "In Brazil there is no law," he continued, "and no one can feel safe. The trial is conducted in such a way that the accused has no chance. Listen, if a man tries to seize another man's property, he finds in our judicial system, in the way of conducting trials, all possible help to carry out his nefarious intention. And if that...

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