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Set in the near future, The Healers is the first book in the new series, The Aesculapians. A newly graduated medical student, Wesley Anderson, has planned to join his father’s practice, but on the eve of his graduation while still celebrating, he is approached by a stranger. The stranger offers him an opportunity to join the Aesculapians, a group of Healers. At first Wesley declines. The stranger then produces evidence that Wesley’s father has a fatal condition and sweetens the offer by including free healing for Wesley’s father should he join their organization.
Arriving at the island of the Aesculapians, Wesley discovers that things are not quite as he expected. The new recruits are run through a boot camp where their lives are in danger and one recruit is killed. Wesley discovers that everyone on the island is under close and constant surveillance. Some of the rules seem more designed for complete obedience and control by the leadership than for better medicine. There are inconsistencies in the supposed history of the Aesculapians and Wesley soon finds a Nazi connection. He finds himself fighting for his life, and that of his friends and family.
This great book kept me reading until way too late in the night! The suspense, danger and the human connections combine to create a suspenseful and entertaining story. I definitely want to read the next book in this series.

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