Southern California Quarterly, Volume 6

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Page 136 - The officers of the Association shall be a President, a first Vice-President, a second Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
Page 140 - Meetings of stockholders for this purpose may be called by the president, or by a majority of the directors, or by members or stockholders holding at least one-half of the votes.
Page 95 - ... our country and the public that they serve; Therefore, Be It Resolved, That this Society conveys to Charles E. Chadsey this expression of its heartiest good will and this assurance that he has the full confidence of its members; and Be It Further Resolved, That these resolutions be incorporated in the minutes of this meeting, and that a copy of them be transmitted to Mr. Chadsey. The Society then adjourned.
Page 149 - Gabriel — the Home of the Silk Worm, as its proprietor called it — advertised 700,000 trees and cuttings for sale, while the nurseries in and around Los Angeles added a million more of morus multicaulis, morus alba and morus moreti mulberry trees to feed the silk worms.
Page 64 - The annual meeting of this society shall be held on the first Tuesday of September. The anniversary of the founding of the society shall be the fourth day of September, that being the anniversary of the first civic settlement in the southern portion of Alta California, to wit : the founding of the Pueblo of Los Angeles, September 4, 1781.
Page 33 - F. Smith. I parted with my old commander, Colonel Mason, with sincere regret. To me he had ever been kind and considerate, and, while stern, honest to a fault, he was the very embodiment of the principle of fidelity to the interests of the General Government. He possessed a native strong intellect, and far more knowledge of the principles of civil government and law than he got credit for.
Page 149 - Fads and Fakes" — is not classical English. It is not dictionary English. Dr. Johnson, the great lexicographer of England, was dead a century or more before the words were coined, and Noah Webster never heard of a fad or a fake — so he did not get them into his Unabridged. As to the philological genealogy of "fad" I confess my ignorance. It may be derived from some Latin or Greek word, or it may be Chinese or Choctow — more than likely it has no paternity, but like Topsy "just growed." It is...
Page 64 - PIONEERS OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY CONSTITUTION [Adopted September 4, 1897.] ARTICLE I. This society shall be known as The Pioneers of Los Angeles County. Its objects are to cultivate social intercourse and friendship among its members and to collect and preserve the early history of Los Angeles county, and perpetuate the memory of those who, by their honorable labors and heroism, helped to make that history.
Page 43 - ... of Second. Fort street (now Broadway) was the aristocratic residence street of the city, and we pointed with pride to the palatial homes of our aristocracy that lined the western side of that street between Second and Third. The city then had but two parks — the Plaza and Central park. The latter was enclosed by a dilapidated picket fence. An open ditch ran through it and irrigated the straggling trees that were .making a pretense of growing. There were no flowers in it and no grass. A sign...
Page 137 - Section 1. Applicants for membership in this society shall be recommended by at least two members in good standing. The applicant shall give his or her full name, age, birthplace, present residence, occupation, date of his or her arrival in the State and in Los Angeles county. The application must be accompanied by the admission fee of one dollar, which shall also be payment in full for dues until the next annual meeting. Section 2. Applications for admission to membership in the society shall be...

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