The Educational Journal of Virginia, Volume 10

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Charles Henry Winston, Thomas Randolph Price, Richard McAllister Smith, D. Lee Powell, John Meredith Strother, H. H. Harris, William Fayette Fox, John Patrick McGuire, Harry Fishburne Estill (F.), Rodes Massie, John Lee Buchanan, Richard Ratcliffe Farr, George R. Pace
Educational Publishing House, 1879 - Education
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Page 493 - Take thy banner ! But when night Closes round the ghastly fight, If the vanquished warrior bow, Spare him ! — by our holy vow, By our prayers and many tears, By the mercy that endears, Spare him ! — he our love hath shared ! Spare him ! — as thou wouldst be spared ! Take thy banner ! — and if e'er Thou shouldst press the soldier's bier, And the muffled drum should beat To the tread of mournful feet, Then this crimson flag shall be Martial cloak and shroud for thee.
Page 94 - Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest ? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields ; for they are white already to harvest.
Page 259 - If, instead of learning Greek, we learned the Cherokee, the man who understood the Cherokee best, who made the most correct and melodious Cherokee verses, who comprehended most accurately the effect of the Cherokee particles, would generally be a superior man to him who was destitute of these accomplishments. If astrology were taught at our Universities, the young man who cast nativities best would generally turn out a superior man.
Page 335 - If I were to pray for a taste which should stand me in stead, under every variety of circumstances, and be a source of happiness and cheerfulness to me through life, and a shield against its ills, however things might go amiss, and the world frown upon me, it would be a taste for reading.
Page 315 - The quality of mercy is not strained, — It droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven Upon the place beneath ; it is twice blessed, — It blesseth him that gives and him that takes...
Page 258 - I am perfectly aware that they are not infallible tests; but that they are tests I confidently maintain. Look at every walk of life, at this house, at the other house, at the Bar, at the Bench, at the Church, and see whether it be not true that those who attain high distinction in the world were generally men who were distinguished in their academic career.
Page 332 - How can an inanimate, mechanical gerundgrinder, the like of whom will, in a subsequent century, be manufactured at Niirnberg out of wood and leather, foster the growth of anything; much more of mind, which grows, not like a vegetable (by having its roots littered with etymological compost), but like a spirit, by mysterious contact of spirit; thought kindling itself at the fire of living thought?
Page 287 - For many years it has been one of my constant regrets that no schoolmaster of mine had a knowledge of natural history, so far at least as to have taught me the grasses that grow by the wayside, and the little winged and wingless neighbours that are continually meeting me with a salutation which I cannot answer, as things are.
Page 521 - In less than half a minute, the ridge of that grand central elevation, which separates the waters that flow north-west into the German Ocean, from those that flow north into the Baltic, and south-east into the Black Sea, was presented to view, executed almost as beautifully as an engraving. A dozen crinkling strokes, made in the twinkling of an eye, represented the...
Page 521 - With a few more flourishes, the rivers flowed onwards towards their several terminations ; and, by another succession of dots, new cities sprang up along their banks. By this time the children had become as much excited as though they had been present at a world-making. They rose in their seats, they flung out both hands, their eyes kindled, and their voices became almost vociferous, as they cried out the names of the different places, which, under the magic of the teacher's crayon, rose into view....

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