The Gardener's Assistant, Volume 4

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Page 166 - The peach spreads easily in the countries in which it is cultivated, so that it is hard to say whether a given tree is of natural origin and anterior to cultivation, or whether it is naturalized. But it certainly was first cultivated in China; it was spoken of there two thousand years before its introduction into the Greco-Roman world, a thousand years perhaps before its introduction into the lands of the Sanskrit-speaking race.
Page 123 - Many of the common varieties of pears require crosspollination, being partially or wholly incapable of setting fruit when limited to their own pollen.
Page 189 - Cut the stock with a dovetail notch (b) for the scion to rest on, and tie it on in the usual manner. Remove the buds of the scion in back and front, leaving two on each side and a leader; when these have grown six or eight inches, pinch off...
Page 151 - ... that are natives; but, like the wild crab-apple, they have furnished stocks for every variety of their own species; and this fruit appears to have been attended to in early days, if we may judge from the variety that Gerard had in his garden at Holborn, in 1597. " I have," says he, " three score sorts in my garden, and all strange and rare: there be in other places many more common, and yet yeerely commeth to our handes others not before knowne. The greatest varietie of these rare plums, are...

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