Alciphron: Literally and Completely Translated from the Greek, with Introduction and Notes

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Priv. print. for the Athenian society, 1896 - 227 pages

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Page 189 - But I know what is going on, and I intend presently to tell my master; for I do not want to show myself less grateful than the dogs which bark in defence of those who feed and take care of them. An adulterer is laying siege to the household — a young man from Elis, one of the Olympian fascinators; he sends neatly folded notes every day to our master's wife, together with faded bouquets and half-eaten apples.
Page 87 - For what would Athens be without Menander ? What would Menander be without Glycera, who prepares his masks, puts on his costumes for him, and stands at the wings to give the signal for applause in the theatre, and to accompany it with her own ? Then, may Diana be my witness ! I tremble, then I breathe again, and clasp you in my arms, the sacred fount of comedy.
Page 84 - Ptolemy, ever to be crowned with Attic ivy ! to die and be buried in my own native land, and to join every year in the Dionysiac hymns at the altars ! to be initiated into the mystic rites, to produce a new play every year upon the stage, now laughing and rejoicing, now in fear and trembling, and now victorious...
Page 82 - XijTTay crowned, in the presence of my Glycera seated in the theatre, than with all the diadems of Ptolemy.
Page 96 - ... lighted up by the rays of the sun. His whole face — oh, you would say the Graces had left Orchomenus and washed clean in the Argaphian fountain to dance on his cheeks. His lips are painted with roses taken from the bosom of Venus and placed on their tips. Either I must marry him, or in imitation of the Lesbian Sappho I will throw myself — not from the Leucadian rocks but from the cliffs of Piraeus — into the waves. Charopa to Glaucippe. Daughter, you are senseless and not in sound mind....
Page 80 - Egypt, in which he entreats me, promising me right royally all the good things of the earth, and invites me to visit him, together with Philemon, to whom also, they say, a letter has been sent.

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